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    Need someone with UI Development Experience

    I am currently in the process of creating a web based tool for Brand Reputation Management. Technology wise the tool is almost ready and has feature compared to some of the top products in the market. My only problem is I suck at creating a UI for my. I tried some but not very good. I need...
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    Need help in defining a online brand reputation tool.

    I am currently in the process of defining a platform that will help Small and medium sized companies protect their online reputation. This mean the platform will track any mention on their brand online. A 24/7 online monitoring platform that will help SMB's identify and react to any...
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    10,000 Real& Guaranteed PTC visitors for just $9.99 (adsense safe,improves alexa rank)

    Hey just made a payment $4.99. Please let me know on when you can start the campaign.
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    Front Page Display

    I recently bought a new domain and started a Wordpress blog. I have installed the blog on my domain and started posting on it. The issue is that wordpress is showing my complete post on the home page. I dont want that,I want it only show a few lines and then have the more option to lead to the...
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    The box office Twitter effect. Fact or fiction?

    Twitter is making movie studios nervous. Ever since Sacha Baron Cohen's "Bruno" dropped a few points on its opening weekend, there has been talk of how the Twitter effect can sink a film's box office sales. Can the power of Twitter make or break a movie at the box office? Probably not. But...
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    Twitter Metrics

    The metrics for twitter differs according to the objective of the campaign. For a brand awareness campaign, the metrics would be sentiment analysis and the number of times the your business or brand has been mentioned in conversations. If the objective is traffic, then the metrics would be the...
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    Article Rewriter Free

    Just tried ur service, but the article it rewrite make no sense.
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    Twitter Glitch?

    twitter has made some correction to the follower and following counts. After this a lot of people lost the a good % of their followers and follwing. But urs seems to be a very different. Here is the post that give details on this change...
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    Your One Page Guide on Link Building

    Well I dont think people are intersted in reading such a long post. Any way its information that you can use.
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    Top Performing SEO/SEM Strategies

    Here a few this you can use as SEO strategy for your website 1) This eBook has been written to help put a stop to the mysteries of both Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. 2) Steps to Organically Boost Traffic & Cash Flow 3) SEO Site Template Enjoy
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    Your One Page Guide on Link Building

    I got this information from another SEO forum and thought it is really good information. Link Building 101 I've been fighting to post this for the past few months but the company I work for dished-out plenty of resistance. But since I've seen so many new posts about linking strategies and...
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    What help in increasing YouTube views.

    These options are good if you are looking at 1k to 5k views, but here i am looking at views to close to a million. :D
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    What help in increasing YouTube views.

    Thats what.. I am ready to invest money, but need someone who can guarantee me views. I am given to understand that with the new youtube updates it will be very difficult to use tools to get view. The best bet is to buy them. But how and where? :confused:
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    What help in increasing YouTube views.

    There seems to be a lot of conversation here on how to increase your youtube view. I tried a few of them but none of them seems to be giving me any good results. Is there any help that someone can give me in this regard. I am looking at getting 1 Million views and atleast 10k views in 48 hours...
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    30 PR5 & PR4 Aged backlinks + 10 unique articles + 10 C Class IP's- only $25

    PM your blogs that have PR of 6 and above. I will be needing 20 to 25 posts.
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    I share my personnal ******** scuttle list

    :D Is there any change that I need to do to these URL to use it on BMD. It is giving me an error message when I try to input it.
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