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  1. Geetfaux

    YAM! Yahoo Answers Manager - Automatic Question/Answer/Voting Platform

    Approved. Works well, constantly updated and good support.
  2. Geetfaux

    Hostgator Affiliate Scam

    Are they marked as "Invalid"? I know that if someone clicks your link and is already a customer, once their current invoice is paid (within the cookie period), they are linked to your account but won't be paid.
  3. Geetfaux

    Hey guys! How you all doing?! :D

    Welcome to the forum Dan.
  4. Geetfaux

    RIP Pofecker

    So sad, such a great guy. Rest in peace Po.
  5. Geetfaux

    Happy b-day T0mmy!

    Happy Birthday, keep 'er lit etc. ;)
  6. Geetfaux

    One Web Site - More AdWords Accounts?

    As far am i'm aware they place "most" if not all new accounts under review, I have experienced ads being approved quickly but not running because the account was under review, I doubt the budget will change this. I doubt that will work either but it's worth a try with 1 account/voucher.
  7. Geetfaux

    One Web Site - More AdWords Accounts?

    They will definitely close them all. Even if you have multiple domains you need to be careful you don't leave other tracks, IP / similar billing info etc.
  8. Geetfaux

    Noob question about adwords

    That definitely won't work, they place a lot of new accounts under review and unless you appear to be a different person with good intentions they will keep shutting them down.
  9. Geetfaux

    Will This Site be Accepted to Amazon Affliate?

    It most likely won't be accepted, anything with a trademark/brand name usually gets rejected by them.
  10. Geetfaux

    How to generate HostGator promo codes ?

    You can create your own coupon codes through their in-house affiliate prog
  11. Geetfaux

    BigBuddy is now a Super Mod

    Congrats bb!
  12. Geetfaux

    [From $12] Link Pyramids - Over 40,000 Backlinks

    Approved, good service & affordable for everyone.
  13. Geetfaux

    [Bear's Network] | Authority and Aged Sites Network | ~400+ (PR >6)

    Approved. Verified PR of network and links provided, content is highly spun (manually unreadable) however overall the service is very good.
  14. Geetfaux

    New Concept of Authority Profile Backlinks – 0% RemoveRate – Get 300 links of PR4-9 at $13

    Approved. Good service, MHR provided a detailed report of his work & I have noticed SERP improvement.
  15. Geetfaux

    Just curious... Jr. Exec's get access to Executive area?

    No they don't, Jr VIP | Jr Exec VIP | Exec VIP, 3 sections, 3 user groups.
  16. Geetfaux

    300 EDU Backlinks - Unique Username each Profile - $20 Discount - Buy 3 Get 1 FREE Offer

    sweetguyzzz provides a great service, a detailed report & I have noticed SERP improvements on my keywords, thanks!
  17. Geetfaux

    Hacking Group "Anonymous" is GANGSTER!

    Keyboard gangsters are the toughest :D
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