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  1. wowhaxor

    JV: $1.5Million/Year Kratom Site, Marketing Partner Wanted

    Hey all, Haven't been around in a few years as my kratom online business has been doing WELL. Generally do about $140,000-$180,000 monthly and I do ZERO marketing (some reddit stuff the first 6 months and mild just presence on social media since) but nothing at all in the last year, ZERO...
  2. wowhaxor

    Are the aspkin site and stealth guides legit?

    The guide is good, the real value comes from the private forums because things always change and people find good tricks, etc. and share with eachother there. That's pretty much the authority for that stuff. That being said all that info can be found for free if you're really into making/buying...
  3. wowhaxor

    I'm BACK! (for reals yo)

    Well I suffer paranoid delusions and have a hard time recognizing them lately and telling what's real. So basically stress = working, going in crowded areas, hanging out with people that sketch me out, most anything. Funny enough though chores and playing with the kids is about the only time I'm...
  4. wowhaxor

    I'm BACK! (for reals yo)

    Doctors cleared me to do "stressful" shit again (not that this at all) and get back to life so I'm back at it now! I'm not going through 2 months of PMs and e-mail so hit me up if you still need something. I plan to be regularly active again (daily) and so you'll start seeing me around a lot...
  5. wowhaxor

    I'm Back...

    Oh I've definitely experienced it before, when I was a kid and ice first got big (was crank before that) I used to sleep like 2-3 times a month and I was crazy paranoid and hearing and seeing shit. The difference here is I've been sober for over a week, that's when you know something's wrong.
  6. wowhaxor

    I'm Back...

    I know right? I think the doctors might be in on it too (just kidding).
  7. wowhaxor

    I'm Back...

    No actually its drug psychosis. Like even though I wasn't getting high for this last week I'd get real paranoid but I wouldn't realize it because instead of thinking paranoid thoughts I would hear it in people's voices who were like in the other room whispering stuff (like my friend would be...
  8. wowhaxor

    I'm Back...

    Hey, Originally I was going to be moving and offline for a few days, well long story short everything went badly including 2 days in the hospital so it ended up being I don't even know like 10 days. I have a TON of e-mails in all my accounts, too many to go over. SO, if you STILL need...
  9. wowhaxor

    Why readable content in web2.0

    There are a number of factors including the fact that proper kW research can put your Web 2.0 at the top of results and get real traffic to your site not just for SEO, the avoiding of manual reviews, the fact that natural is always better as Google is always improving why do something that may...
  10. wowhaxor

    Can you gst sued for mass messaging on a platform like facebook?

    This isn't even debatable not only can you be sued but you will quite possibly lose it happens often. I've seen it happen multiple times over the years, usually you need to be a huge spammer like to the point you lower the quality of the site OR more commonly the maker of spam software. You...
  11. wowhaxor

    Ranknest is BACK! 1000+ New Inventory - The Only Niche-based Hand Edited PBN For 3+ Years

    I got some samples done for me of this service and I like this a lot, more than a PBN package for sure. The metrics on the sites were good but more than that these articles are super high quality, very long and well researched and even though they aren't written for you they are on...
  12. wowhaxor

    Girlfriend is making pennies a day online, anything out there for her?

    I find it's usually easier to just give them money, trying to teach and work with your girl can get stressful and there's already enough of that. But if you really want to then give them a task you can break even on or that can make money (you probably don't want to make a profit off of her...
  13. wowhaxor

    [Freebie] Freshly Scraped .EDU Blogs

    Like I said ;)
  14. wowhaxor

    [Freebie] Freshly Scraped .EDU Blogs

    These are WP blogs, I guarantee not one works. It took me forever to find 2 WP blogs you can register at and make a WP blog and even then you need to do it in a specific way not just hit the signup page. These got spammed hard years ago and none are public signup anymore.
  15. wowhaxor

    Today will be my last day smoking weed

    Haha ya I'm taking about it a lot lately because I been trying to get my shit together but the best I could do was a week on suboxone. It's hard because everyone I know gets high all day and it replaced all my hobbies probably 10 years ago - I used to go snowboarding 5 days a week minimum...
  16. wowhaxor

    Today will be my last day smoking weed

    Weeds cheap and you're not sick when you wake up without it at least. I'm a heroin addict I wish I could be 14 when I just smoked weed all day again.
  17. wowhaxor

    Hellow from the state where rain always wins!

    Welcome buddy and you picked well, I got lucky and started here too there's some other forums that are ridiculous wastes of time!
  18. wowhaxor

    Is using real mobile managing Facebook accounts worth it?

    I use real mobile for joining groups and such you can power through without delays or restrictions. But then I do the posting everyday on the computer.
  19. wowhaxor

    Noob Question About Web 2.0

    Both is good :)
  20. wowhaxor

    Case study: Parasites PWN 2016

    I'm curious to see, haven't tried just blasting WP or blogger blogs in a long time but I had negative results (even using purely for SEO and no traffic I drip in links especially at the start) where more social smaller (just one short piece of unique content rather than multiple pages and a new...
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