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  1. promoe

    avoiding sitegrounds renewal price

    omg.. I got the same plan at the same price... I should start looking for another host to move on before the year ends... Yes you can... just create another account with another email (if the deal is still there) and use their siteground migrator to migrate your wp sites.. and then when it comes...
  2. promoe

    Result of trying to earn money in 7 years

    I can really relate to what you are going through.. I went through all the pages and read all the comments one by one... and I learned a lot from them... I haven't made a lot of money yet.. but I was starting to realise that the secret is to have one business model to focus on and scale... but...
  3. promoe

    Hi guys i am f****d need advice.

    Omg, your thoughts will kill you... In my opinion go with option 2 .. and take it easy
  4. promoe

    I'm getting image copyright infringement emails

    it's a company which protects photographers work, they sent a report of the image details and source, looks like their website has a good ranking also..
  5. promoe

    I'm getting image copyright infringement emails

    I have already removed the image from the site, but they have screenshots of it on the site, sent in a report to me. I'm afraid to reply to their emails and then it will be an evidence for them that I read their emails - the man said that in that forum. Thanks all for your opinions... will...
  6. promoe

    I'm getting image copyright infringement emails

    yes, I think
  7. promoe

    I'm getting image copyright infringement emails

    Hello... I got an email saying that I used a copyright protected image without a license.. I got the image from Flickr, (i didn't know it was copyrighted) I used on my woocommerce site - which has no visitors bcs it was failure trial. They asked me to pay about 550$ for that image and...
  8. promoe

    ZeroPark Traffic

    okay, thanks
  9. promoe

    ZeroPark Traffic

    Thanks for the clarification... appreciate it.. By zones do you mean countries?
  10. promoe

    ZeroPark Traffic

    They say bids are about 0.05$ or 0.001 something like this...
  11. promoe

    100$ off bing ads with only 0.01$ over and over again

    How can you spend these coupons? I created multiple bing accounts, and each are connected to my papal... I used like 3 coupons but then bing started banning my accounts i could not create any new accounts, it detects that they are all linked to the same paypal account.. is there anyway to create...
  12. promoe

    Web 2.0 : No more value?

    ya man, why using lumbi pic :3
  13. promoe

    ZeroPark Traffic

    Hello I wanted to ask if anyone is using Zeropark traffic and how is it going? I created an account, but the minimum amount of money to deposit is 200$ which i can't afford atm can Anyone please tell me if its worth it or not.. and is it really that cheap to get traffic.. and is it...
  14. promoe

    My Failed journey to earn money online(Help)

    Hey, I am Arabic too.. one thing you should know is that; what you are going through is normal and everyone here has gone through it. It may take you one year on average to make some success at least (not guaranteed to continue).. but you will find your way at the end.. My suggestion is to...
  15. promoe

    Where I can find Affiliates for my store?

    oh really :(
  16. promoe

    Where I can find Affiliates for my store?

    Hello, I have built an ecom store with woocommere in the home and garden niche.. and I was looking to recruit affiliates for the traffic and sales part.. My question now is.. how or where I can find these affiliates? I have the affiliate area and affiliate dashboard also ready for the affiliates..
  17. promoe

    Method: How I added $200/m to my total income (going for 3000/m soon)

    Thank you. But how do you actually make money.. I mean do you use affiliate links on your videos and sites? or CPA offers.. etc???
  18. promoe

    ⚡ Journey to $200+ profit/day (on autopilot)

    What SEO guide/course did you follow?
  19. promoe

    Confused about WooDropship subscription!

    sorry guys, I read your comments and I am wondering.. what do you mean by Aliwoo?? is it woodropship? or another plugin?
  20. promoe

    My successful journey $50 a day - OGADS+SEO

    What SEO guide that you read? Can you please give me the link? Thanks
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