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  1. GloCk99

    Product Reviews

    Thread closed - More than enough interested parties.
  2. GloCk99

    Product Reviews

    Looking for a native English writer who can create 27 Product reviews of 500 words each. This is a tight deadline and needs to be done in 2 days. Price will be $1 per 100 words. We will supply all briefing documentation with links to products. PM me a sample of your current work and your...
  3. GloCk99

    BigBuddy's Youtube Retention Views is Back 3000+ Happy Buyers

    Order not being processed. No customer support. I have emailed you countless times and sent you a Skype request. I would like a refund. This order has been in 'processing' for weeks now.
  4. GloCk99

    Guest blog outreach service for $1 - [Tested by 100 BHW Members]

    Please share the samples as discussed in PM
  5. GloCk99

    ** 14 Guest Post Reviewers Needed ** ** 7 Niches Available **

    Bump. Free guest posts in the following niches. Business Niche Fashion Niche Real Estate Niche Wedding Niche Please read the original post and reply here if you are interested and meet the requirements. P.S Mods please can you delete the above posts from highlander92 - Looks like someone...
  6. GloCk99

    Web Designing and Coding Service at Low Pricing

    DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE I have had nothing but an absolute nightmare from this service. Here are the facts 1) Yachi said job would be completed within a couple of weeks. 2) 3 months later she delivered something that was not final. 3) She was paid $250 out of $300 and never delivered a...
  7. GloCk99

    "NO SEO FOREVER" - Grab it for FREE on 7th July

    REVIEW: I downloaded this book today and finished it today. Thank you Harsh for a well put together, thoughtful and insightful read. The information contained in this book takes years to learn and the author has layed it all out for you. If you have a website or even just a digital product, I...
  8. GloCk99

    Panda 4.0 - What you need to know!

    Seriously @safex seriously? If you're going to throw your sig banner around all over the place, at least read the threads you're posting in. @gundamwing really? Thanks @meathead1234 for the collection of information.
  9. GloCk99

    I can rank any youtube video - what to do?

    You don't have a clue do you... Move along people, nothing to see here.
  10. GloCk99

    I can rank any youtube video - what to do?

    How were you going to do it 2 months ago when you stated this in a previous post? "Okay, I will update this thread tomorrow and see what happens. This video is aged and already on top of google & youtube. Just not the very top. If i manage to get it on the very top I will get $100 a day...
  11. GloCk99

    PBN Redirect That I Missed

    How simple would this have been to test yourself. Just saying...
  12. GloCk99

    Google Next Update Going To Happen In May 2014

    If you haven't figured out by now that the serps are now in a constant flux, then you're probably in the wrong game.
  13. GloCk99

    The Link Essence - Those Links You Never Had Before

    I'll take a review. Looks good.
  14. GloCk99

    Help with robots.txt and sitemap.xml

    That's not what he's using on his site. The example he's given is the WMT default. There are numerous reasons why someone would want to optimise a robots.txt file.
  15. GloCk99

    Help with robots.txt and sitemap.xml

    The solution to this is actually fairly simple. There is a lag in what google webmaster tools shows as your robots.txt and what you actually have as a robots.txt setup. It can take up to 2 days for the correct one to show in webmaster tools. Set your robots.txt in your root directory...
  16. GloCk99

    Sacred Authority Links - 100% WhitehatUp to PR8/PA88/DA100Great ResultsFree Reviews

    I'll take a review copy if there's still one going. Thanks
  17. GloCk99

    15 december rankings gone bad | got news !

    Cheap & Seo don't go together. It's like any business, you get what you put in. I don't get why people think working online is any different. Seo is not some cheap game that you can throw 20 bucks at and hope to get rich overnight. Maybe once you've figured that out, you'll understand how to rank.
  18. GloCk99

    The Blackhat Gift Exchange 2013 (Come get your gift)

    I'll take this :-) Any 2 X fiverr gigs for the next poster.
  19. GloCk99

    Web Designing and Coding Service at Low Pricing

    Yachi has replied and is working on the order. Lets see.
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