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  1. jackalope

    My lifetime journey to 100 websites. 100$/day each.

    10 sites at $100/day would be a real accomplishment.
  2. jackalope

    Looking for a Wordpress Plugin for 'Read More' Button

    If you want a single post broken into pages, wordpress does that natively. Check out this tutorial ->
  3. jackalope

    Cheap but Quality Content! Only $0.50 for 100 Words!

    I've just received my review copy. It's clear and well written, with one small spelling error. I'll probably tweak a few things to make them seem more natural to a native english speaker, but that's a very small adjustment. Excellent for the price, and probably better than a lot of classmates...
  4. jackalope

    Is TrafficBotPro Elite safe for adsense ?

    Pretty much any traffic bot (even if it's 'elite') will get you banned from adsense.
  5. jackalope

    Cheap but Quality Content! Only $0.50 for 100 Words!

    I'm interested, I'm about to buy a bunch of articles!
  6. jackalope

    what is your dream income?

    $5k per month is my next goal - that's enough to easily buy and do whatever I reasonably want to. Once I hit that, the next goal is $1k every day.
  7. jackalope

    Easy way to add custom CSS to certain text in Wordpress

    Is it the same words every time?
  8. jackalope

    Great Articles at Cheap Price - 500 Words @ 1.98$ Only - Fast TAT

    What is the discount for bulk orders of 25, 50, and 100 articles?
  9. jackalope

    No Thumbnail Issue On Wordpress

    Start with troubleshooting twitter, it's the easiest to figure out. Either check your site meta for how your twitter cards are set up, or install Yoast, click the social tab, and set the default card style as 'large image.' You could also try the twitter card validator...
  10. jackalope

    [Journey] Just water for 10 days (no food, coffee or drinks)

    *Harmless for a normally healthy person. It's smart to check with a doctor before trying this sort of thing, especially if you have any pre-existing health conditions.
  11. jackalope

    █ █ █ █ █ ██ SEO Friendly Article & Content Writing Services - $0.40 per 100Words █ █ █ █ █ ██

    Samples for all 3 levels, and a coupon please. I'm about to need a lot of articles.
  12. jackalope

    Need some advices for WP

    I always add Yoast, and if I need a contact form I use Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms.
  13. jackalope

    Help with IG growth

    Make sure you're varying the hashtags on posts. My engagement drops when I get lazy with that, then goes up when I try some fresh tags.
  14. jackalope

    |[GMT2]| Gram Multitool 2 | Instagram Automation Software

    In a txt file? A doc? All of the captions in one file, or one caption per file? Then do I put these in a folder? I can't find anything useful in the help docs, and no idea I've tried has successfully published a caption.
  15. jackalope

    Journey - Affiliate Marketing and Split Testing

    All of my accounts are working again (they should have been sooner, but my parents came to visit and it didn't feel right to ignore them and sit at my computer.) I'm slowly collecting followers, and I have finally taken the time to figure out bulk posting in GMT2 so I'll be utitlizing that. I...
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