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    Can anyone get rid of the background in this photo?

    I do. What they call "salt and pepper" hair. Yes, I am a doctor now. I'm fine, thank you :)
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    How to be a Jrvp and sell my programming skill or already made softwares

    Yearly subscription. And no Jr. VIP. Just the ability to sell.
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    ✅Increase Domain Authority (DA)⚡❤️Boost website Domain Authority ✅❤️ Moz DA 0 to 50+ in 10 Days

    Hi. Can you explain a bit how it works? Will my website be penalized in the future? Any samples maybe? Just scared, but other than that, the service looks good!
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    Advertising a Google Business Profile with Google Ads

    Hello. Been trying to promote a GMB profile with Google Ads, but I'm really failing here. When promoting a local business, it's defaulting to "Performance Max" and I'm not seeing any option to target by keyword. Any idea on how to promote a GMB profile, with targeted keywords, to optimize for...
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    Review: OP is fast, responsive, and actually listens to instructions. While the content might be AI-generated, it doesn't look like it, reads natural, and is actually pretty damn good. Relevant high-quality images used. Blogs look good and different. Blogs are not hosted on the same server...
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    [1 Free Review Copy] Get Customized Google Map SEO ✅ 90+ DA x400 Backlinks

    Same question :anyway: (For a very low competition keyword)
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    Get 100+ High Authority Links ✅ From Microsoft, Quora, Ted, Buzzfeed and More Only | Start $14.99

    Hi. Is the free review copy for 10 links still available?
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    Post your covid vaccines experience Or post against it.

    Hey. I’m not understanding what you’re saying :( Can you please rephrase?
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    Post your covid vaccines experience Or post against it.

    I work as a doctor at one of the big vaccination centres in my country (so I'm exposed to A LOT of patients, some of which may be positive, which is why I deemed it especially necessary to get it done). 1st dose Oxford-AstraZeneca (Covishield) done like a week ago. I didn't take any meds for...
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    Mastercard to open up network to select cryptocurrencies

    Time to buy more BTC? :D
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    guide for creating coupons site

    Not very fancy, but there is this theme available on itself:
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    I’ve made $100 online (I’m 16) with my first Quiz site!

    That's awesome man :D Keep up the hard work :)
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    VIP Question

    Keep in mind that, on top of the fee, you need 100 posts to become a Jr. VIP :)
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    Hiring Writers from BHW

    Content you order from me is 100% yours. I believe it’s the same for most (if not all) writers on here (since I’ve never read about anyone having issues with rights on the forum).
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    "Safest" place to keep your passwords?

    Bitwarden It's also recommended by the guys from :)
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    Banned Adverten

    I suggest you use Google Translate to post on here. As far as I know, posting in a different language every time would be against the rules :)
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