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  1. nakamura

    Should students be punished for what they post on social media

    No, because the school's only job is to educate and not to punish anyone for something they do in their free time on their private device. The only exception would be if there is something criminal/against the law.
  2. nakamura

    How do you reply to a post on Instagram?

    Depends on the actual message/post?
  3. nakamura

    Payoneer BLOCKED my account and STOLE my funds, for no reason, I have been using it since 2015.

    I currently had to deal with a Hong Kong payment provider which has been purchased by an Israeli company and I suddenly had 10 problems within 2 months. It was horrible. Transactions wouldn't show up. Transfers wouldn't go through. Etc.
  4. nakamura

    Netflix using AI?

    No, writers are either lazy or overworked and simply use the same formula over and over again. Its like on TikTok, some formulas simply work, no need to reinvent the wheel.
  5. nakamura

    Payoneer BLOCKED my account and STOLE my funds, for no reason, I have been using it since 2015.

    I have been using them since 2014. So, it's been 10 years and I rarely had any problem at all. Seriously, it was like two problems in 10 years. Maybe I have been lucky
  6. nakamura

    How do you communicate with your boss's GF?

    Always be professional
  7. nakamura

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    Review I was lucky enough to get a review copy from the seller. Domain: Exactly as described with the advertised links. Content: The content was readable and unique, the link was placed accordingly and had the correct anchor. Quality: The website quality was great. It had several pages...
  8. nakamura

    Toxicyfing, low effort, low scale spam "SEO cult" threads

    Just let them do their business. Maybe where they come from $150 a month is a lot? When I started doing SEO / IM, I was working for $0 a day, because I had no clue if it was going to work or not. Then, after weeks, I was earning $5-10 a day, then it turned into $100 a day, and then someday it...
  9. nakamura

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    I noticed this too and I wanted to post something about it, but I then deleted it and thought "Ok, just hit the ignore button instead". I checked this user profile and what threads he opened since he signed up. One random thread after another. He is either extremely bored and doesn't know this...
  10. nakamura

    Who Is the Winner of UEFA Champions League? Pick Your Team!

    Will tell you after Wednesday night
  11. nakamura

    What is your sleep schedule?

    Almost similar to yours. 11 pm to 6-7 am. All naturally, no alarm clock.
  12. nakamura

    What is the point of life? Are we living to die or dying to live?

    this is why you have to be an exceptional man. you might die, but your legacy will live forever
  13. nakamura

    Stupid instagram influencers

    Can't wait to replace them all with AI influencers and ruin the market by charging $50 per post
  14. nakamura

    My meme coin went good

    How much profit have you made in total from your own memecoins? Also how do you go about rugging? Buy your coin frist from many different accounts?
  15. nakamura

    How long it will take to rank in SERP?

    No one can answer this question because it depends on some key factors such as: - your on page seo - your off page seo - competition - niche and most of all: we have no clue if there is anything wrong with your website when it comes to indexation, content or whatever. maybe you received an...
  16. nakamura

    Opening up a company in "tax haven" country

    Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong are good choices. Right now many people move to Dubai and Singapore, especially Europeans go to Dubai. Panama, Belize, etc. are kinda sketchy.
  17. nakamura

    How to start Digital Marketing in 2024?

    There are literally a thousand ways and it is the easiest ever to get started because of AI
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