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  1. OpenSauce

    I've been an affiliate for over 6 years now

    Better start eating then Are you happy with where you are now?
  2. OpenSauce

    I've been an affiliate for over 6 years now

    Would you buy the product if you were fat?
  3. OpenSauce

    I've been an affiliate for over 6 years now

    I'd say find a stable job to cover the bills, because marketing is not a quick and easy process. Make sure to stick to the niche you pick and try to make it work. My biggest mistake when starting was trying to market everything at once. Always investing and busy with side projects. I try to...
  4. OpenSauce

    I've been an affiliate for over 6 years now

    ClickBooth (now renamed to performcb), OGADS, Maxbounty, CPAbuild - All seem to be solid companies with minimal issues. I’ve also worked with some directly like Vetster, AmericanSolar, BestCompany - these were all a pleasure to work with as well.
  5. OpenSauce

    I've been an affiliate for over 6 years now

    I don't know if I should respond with specific names, because I have a lot of negative experiences with some networks as well. I am convinced all of them shave and will never admit it, it's just their business model. Most sweepstake offers are a scam both ways, if you have traffic for those, you...
  6. OpenSauce

    I've been an affiliate for over 6 years now

    Hello, I've been away from this forum for a while, but somehow keep coming back. I don't know what's the point of this thread, but I just want to share what's on my mind. My main source of income has been affiliate marketing for over 6 years now. It's crazy to say that as I still feel as fresh...
  7. OpenSauce

    ⭐ SMM-1.COM — LOW PRICES | FREE TEST | PAYPAL AVAILABLE ➡️ YouTube - Twitter - FB - Instagram - Telegram - Tik-Tok -

    I tried TikTok services and only 1 of 3 orders worked, others got stuck. Tried canceling, didn't work either. Opened a ticket, waiting for response. Not a great experience for TikTok so far.
  8. OpenSauce

    ⚡ SMM Service Provider - Our Source Android, IOS apps and own Servers.

    Can I get some test balance please? username: opensauce
  9. OpenSauce

    PROSMMSERVICE.COM | SMM PROVIDER | Instagram | TikTok | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter | High Quality

    Hello, can I get some test funds please? Username opensauce.
  10. OpenSauce

    Which is your favorite sub forum on BHW ?

    Jr. Vip PayPal Generator section obviously so I could download the latest version
  11. OpenSauce

    How much $ are you earning from BHW?

    enough to buy clothes for his wife
  12. OpenSauce

    ✈️ TikTok USA ✈️ Post to American TikTok from PC | Create USA TikTok Accounts ✅

    So you buy every guide I'm selling and then try to dispute them all? I think you are the problem. Disgusting. Please do not contact me.
  13. OpenSauce

    Challenge: Can I make $2 in 30 Days?

    Haven't done anything at all.
  14. OpenSauce

    [ONLY 5% Fee] Unleash Unrestricted Advertising: No-Limit Facebook & Google Agency Accounts for Pharma, Gambling, Crypto, and More!

    Great and responsive seller, don't be discouraged by the lack of reviews in this thread! I needed to start a small AD the same day and contacted at least 10 FB agencies on this forum, this seller was the only one who instantly responded and was able to provide the requested service without any...
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