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  1. toysonline

    Free Telegram Followers No Drop

    can i also have followers here.... thanks
  2. toysonline

    How to Watch any Skillshare course for Free's working. many thanks :-)
  3. toysonline

    YT channel is approve for monetization but no monetize tab

    i access my YT channel via PC and YT studio app installed in my phone and tablet. all of them shows no monetize tab. also, this is my 2nd monetize channel. the other one is long OK, only this newly approved channel.
  4. toysonline

    YT channel is approve for monetization but no monetize tab

    Last July 31, one of my YT channel got approved for monetization. But till now, there is no monetize tab yet. There is no monetization option. It's been 2 wks now, still hoping it will be fixed soon. It's my 2nd channel monetize so I'm familiar how a monetize channel look like. This one don't...
  5. toysonline

    My Bulk sims, your monetization

    yes. registration deadline last July 25. so those unregistered sims will be deactivated.
  6. toysonline

    My Bulk sims, your monetization

    Philippines now have SIM CARD REGISTRATION law recently. i doubt if the 200K are all functional, considering the tasks of registering it all and tying to an actual person with ID submission and all requirements. but who knows, let's wait for OP to reply :)
  7. toysonline

    0$ E-Book | How to Create YouTube Videos in 5 Minutes

    interested. thanks
  8. toysonline

    [Free] YouTube Ranking Service Offer! Rank Your Video on Top for 30 Days!

    i'd like to try this. will send you DM :-) thanks
  9. toysonline

    Monetizing a movie recap channel ?

    how about the copyright issue?
  10. toysonline

    Starting movie recap channel

    i'm curious to know too how to avoid copyright.
  11. toysonline

    YT video question

    let's say i have rich dad poor dad audio file and make a video out of it. put free video clips, nice background and use the audio file. not the whole audio file, perhaps portion of it in a video. is it allowed in YT? can you monetize such vids? will it be copyrighted?
  12. toysonline

    Data to Video for YT use

    wow...thanks so much :)
  13. toysonline

    Data to Video for YT use

    there is a site called FLOURISH where we can input the data (like top countries in terms of population) and the site will create a video for it. is there any similar website like this? I've been seeing YT vids with such videos like top countries with minerals, etc. i wonder if there is a tool...
  14. toysonline

    [Giveaway] Canva Pro - 1 Free Canva Edu Invite For Everyone

    i need one canva pro invite
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