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    ebook website hosting

    No, there are still a lot of dmca ignore hosting in Netherlands. Dmca policy is depend on provider, not a country. Most of them are colocated in Novogara IDC(spectraip, skb-enterprise, dmzhost) or Serverius(Lyrahosting, inferno solutions, pq hosting). Or you can go with Flokinet(Romania...
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    How to block bot and crawlers from visiting your website for free?

    You can't block crawlers perfectly except for search engine bot. But there are some ways to make scraping your site difficult. ex) javascript obfuscator with dev tool blocking, cloudflare JS challenge, recaptcha, referer check, block well-known ISP&VPN ASN etc...
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    DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers to host React sites

    Well, The largest pirate sites use the following providers. The Pirate bay : shinjiru 1337x : VEESP Gogoanime : spectraip, VEESP Fmovies : cloudwall bg (unknown host) Aniwatch (formerly zoro) : Alexhost vidsrc : vsys[.]host Torrentgalaxy : flokinet But I don't trust one provider for long. If...
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    Search a Hoster with Paysafe Card Payment and Anonymous Register

    Flokinet support it. But I recommend monero rather than paysafecards.
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    Anyone has an experience with regway? Just like offshore hosting list, I'm making a guide to register anonymous domain for offshore/DMCA ignore/free speech. Regway seems to accept cryptocurrency. I'v heard they are reseller of...
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    Hosting help? Here is a list of offshore hosting. Compare price and choose the one that suits you best.
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    Recommended offshore hosting?

    It seems owner deleted the spreadsheet. Instead, I'm making a new list to recover what I remember about that.
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    List of Real Offshore Hostings
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    List of Real Offshore Hostings

    I made a new list with the hosting providers I remember. Mainly focused on hosting Warez sites with DMCA ignore hosting. I've also written a FAQ on how to run a site anonymously, so I recommend reading it before...
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    Worst Experience With Abelohost and Lost All My Websites Data

    Yes. One of the most shaddy and bulletproof CDN provider. But no more free plan after war.
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    List of Real Offshore Hostings

    I'm afraid securednet doesn't seem to care seriously about anonymity. The owner believes bitcoin is still safe in 2022. Maybe I've mentioned it in another thread, mivocloud no longer ignore DMCA complaint.
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    Can you recommend a "100% bulletproof" hosting and domain name provider?

    Depends on what business you are going to do. Most in case, hosting providers which use Ecatel datacenter(Novogara, dmzhost, skb-enterprise...etc) is fine. is willing to register your domain unless your business is related to Neo-Nazi or QAnon. Also hide your server IP with cloudflare...
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    How can I monetize proxy site?

    There are web proxy sites that allow to access piratebay. EX: https ://pirateproxy .rip/ (proxy list) It looks that most of them are implemented as web proxy using the forward proxy with Nginx or apache. Can I make money by operating a site like this? I'm curious if I can insert pop up ad or...
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    List of Real Offshore Hostings

    They are well known offshore provider in Russian forum. They resell ISPs all over the world, and NL servers are evading DMCA by disguised as CDN service.
  15. S ✌️ Offshore Hosting, VPS & Dedicated Servers | DMCA Ignored | Anonymous Service | Accepting Bitcoin

    Can you consider supporting monero as a payment method? You know, bitcoin is trackable. So I want you to accept other cryptocurrency that have anonymous transfer feature. Coinpayment and globee suppprt monero gateway.
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    List of Real Offshore Hostings

    At least, MPAA think ddos-guard ignore DMCA complaint. https : // Not just DMCA, lots of notorious guys are using their service. Botnet, phishing, spam...etc. Seriously, ddos-guard is a new bulletproof russian cybercrime paradise.
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    Anyone use the Novogara server?

    As we all know, Novogara and their dummy company are under investigation for tax evasion. Two staffs were arrested and one was released. When I sent an email to Novogara yesterday, they replied me. However, some said that some of their dedicated server has been shut down and sales desk didn't...
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    List of Real Offshore Hostings

    I'm a bit suspicious of the two providers about DMCA policy. Maybe they changed the AUP. Hostsailor - In fact, it wasn't clear if they really ignored the DMCA. I chatted with them a few days ago, and I got a reply saying they don't ignore copyright abuse reports and customers should remove such...
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    Any real DMCA ignored hosting?

    Well... I guess all offshore providers will behave that way in such situations. The reason offshore hosting can ignore the DMCA is that the copyright holder is in 'overseas'. The hosting company can't do anything if they visit country or hire a local lawyer. This is why you should back up your...
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