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    people are so stupid - seo customer

    Yes, Bartman, they are that stupid. The average SEO customer is simply out to lunch, having delusional expectations on what can be achieved and think it can happen overnight, all on a budget of a few hundred dollars. It's ridiculous. We chose to focus instead on our own properties and have...
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    What Conversions are you Seeing on fB?

    Interesting. What sort of content are you finding works? I've heard a bit about these content lockers, but just the basic idea. Do you typically use the reward of an image, a video? Sry for the barrage of questions, but this is a bit new to me. Where do you get the content from? Are there...
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    What Conversions are you Seeing on fB?

    I'm referring here to CPA offers on Facebook. In our case, referring to CPA offers posted to fans of our own pages. The click-thru rate and conversion rate is rather low, so we're testing different offers. We recently tested a 'free offer' email/zip submit-type from NeverBlue. On a page of...
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    Suggest Page to Friends

    So here's what happens: 1. I select all Friends through javascript and invite all to the Page 2. I log in a day later and notice that not all of the friends have been invited. About half are grayed out and half are there as if they weren't invited. I take it there may be some limit you can...
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    Spud jr Scammed ME!

    Hex has demonstrated nice analytical work during this dispute. Reading claim and counter-claim, my eyes started to glaze over - especially due to attempts it appears to consciously obfuscate the core issues, by bringing up irrelevant/non-existent transactions, along with mixing up the numbers...
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    2Mil User App...

    Just a heads up. I have had bad experiences buying FB apps. IN one case, somehow the owner got the MAU (monthly average users) up, likely artificially. Once I purchased it, usage disappeared almost overnight. When someone is making $500 of an app everyday, it is difficult to perceive why...
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    Facebook Suggest To Friends change?

    >face book is dead people....time to move on, we made our monies worth! cowards. any time there's a hurdle you whine this or that is dead. this is nothing- a little automation with a macro will solve the problem on my end. every time FB has introduced some limitation, we've adapted. no...
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    Rotation of Offers

    C'mon people; someone's gotta know this...
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    Rotation of Offers

    Forgive the basic nature of this question, but what is the best way to display CPA offers when you have an audience that is repeatedly coming to your page. In my case, I regularly draw users from Facebook and other sites to my page- but usually its the same set of people (a total pool of about...
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    Facebook Suggest To Friends change?

    Wow, this is a big deal. I wondered why I got such a low ratio of Fans to invites. This would explain why. This looks pretty close to official- you can suggest a max of 40 at a time. Quesiton: Is the limit 40/day or 40 at one time (ie: per screen)?
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    Clickthru on FB Pages at 1%

    v2- i am in local, so i use the cpc programs that are available for local. if you search local cpc you will see some. there are companies like citysearch (citygrid) for example.
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    Clickthru on FB Pages at 1%

    Currently, I don't have any offers. I monetize my site through location-based CPC ads. But yeah, I get 50 click throughs from the status update to my site. Question is how do I get that up??
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    Clickthru on FB Pages at 1%

    Hey folks, I have a FB page setup. In my case its defined by location. Right now I am posting a status update, once per day. Problem is I am getting less than a 1% clickthru. For 10,000 people, only 50 click thru. Any ideas how to get this % up? Thoughts I have include: a)...
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    Page Poster

    I am currently testing this bot. Will post back with feedback.
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    FanPage muted ?

    You may have been downgraded on the FB newsfeed. This happens when no one/few people click Like on your posts or respond with a comment. At that point, your updates are downgraded on the newsfeed and sometimes don't show up at all. IN that case, users will have to visit your Page to see the...
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    Paranoia: Validating a Page past 10K

    Oh boy- now I'm really concerned. Any BH'ers got past this step successfully and have any advice?
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    Paranoia: Validating a Page past 10K

    Some of you may be following my other thread- where I describe I am creating about two dozen local Pages on facebook. They are each getting to the 10K threshold, and I am starting to freak out that they won't be successfully validated. I understand at 10K fans, Facebook asks you to verify the...
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    10 testers needed for a new Facebook bot

    Glad to test it. Have used Stealth Friend Bomber and LivelyBrowser as well, so will be able to provide good feedback.
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    What Maximum Invites to Page do you send?

    Cool; what I'm hearing is that you can Suggest a Page to any number of friends; Facebook seems to mind this and limit it much less than friending!
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