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    [Question] How to make money by running PPD and url shortner sites

    Hello, i want to know about how to make money by running our own ppd and url shortner sites, i see many sites offer $5-$10 for every 1k downloads/clicks. i dont know much about traffic monetization, ads and ads network so i need your help. i see most of these sites have banner ads, inpage ads...
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    How to monetize link shortening service w/ad networks?

    Popads, adsterra, popclicks , you can use popunder ads and get 5-10$ cpm
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    ProxyScrape Premium | Up to 50 000 datacenter proxies | Unlimited Bandwidth

    I am trying their trial offer, for me proxies are not working, I am getting err_empty_response, support said they cant help, I tried authenticating and using their proxies with 3 different isp's and different devices, they work for first few seconds and then gives err_empty_response. i don't...
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    [Journey] making $1000/month with realistic AI model

    I am posting image albums on patreon, no deepfakes because I haven't perfected it yet
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    [Journey] making $1000/month with realistic AI model

    I am growing slowly on Instagram and tiktok, I have made around $50 with it so far
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    [Journey] making $1000/month with realistic AI model

    Yes I'd does, but according to fanvue's support staff, I can't verify myself with my Country's ID.
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    [Journey] making $1000/month with realistic AI model

    I run stable diffusion locally on my pc, online services have a filter, local/offline versions don't have a filter
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    [Journey] making $1000/month with realistic AI model

    I am able to make verification photos for bumble, it got verified, haven't tried Snapchat yet.
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    (ask) Any software to create 2d explainer videos

    I am looking for a software where I can make simple 2d animation for educational videos, something beginner friendly and something that has a feature like auto rigging or presets. I have to make maths explain videos where I show equations and plot graphs(very basic animation like fade in, fade...
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    Stream Farm start up

    I Would like to learn more, if there's any details tutorial or couse available for this please let me know
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    Any sites similar to doodstream where we can upload video and make money

    I am trying doodstream from past couple of days, I posted my doodstream links on some telegram and WhatsApp groups, but the reports panel shows 0 views. I tried contacting support but no response, is there any alternative for this site where I can make some money?
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    Looking to learn how to stream farm on spotify

    How is this method working? Made any money with this?
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    [question] can we make something like Balckrock's aladdin, has anyone here tried it?

    I am curious to know if we can make something like Aladdin, i read it is managing around $21trillion, very fascinating.
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    [Journey] making $1000/month with realistic AI model

    i will definitely work on snapchat, appreciate your suggestion
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    [Journey] making $1000/month with realistic AI model

    Hey Guys, im new to this forum and i see lot of ambitious people sharing their journey and i thought to share mine as well.( this is the very beginning of my journey) i know $1000/month is not a big target, but i haven't done anything like this before so i am keeping small target. i have made a...
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    [journey] Ai model OnlyFans. How to do id verification, subscription Channel, sell NSFW and % of conversion, face generation, video generation softw

    Maybe they will ask you to re-verify as the person in verification and person in the content will be different
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    how to monetize adult AI model?

    can we do PPV on this site? i didnt find anything on the homepage, maybe i have to create an account first.
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