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    Any good CTR software recommendations?

    I saw Awesome Traffic Bot... looks interesting. I'm tempted to try it. I'm testing out CTR Boss at the moment too. It's hard to tell with these programs, because for it to work it needs to be done really well... and with no access to the source code, you're kinda just relying on them to be...
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    [Journey] [Case Study] Do Spam/Cheap Links and old SEO tricks still work? (Cheap PBNs - GSA - Web 2.0s)

    This is gonna be really interesting. I've been wondering this myself. I don't do any of this stuff anymore... but sometimes as I'm researching, I come across sites that are ranking so well and it seems this kind of thing is all they are doing... Maybe there's a secret sauce? Or they're just...
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    My Google Knowledge Panel Creation Service + Your Clients (Entrepreneurs, Authors, Lawyers, Doct, Engineers, Investors, Influencers, Consultants, etc)

    Let me know if you're still doing this. I have a need for it for a client, and if it works, I'd be happy to refer it to my other clients as well.
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    Please can I have a sample and discount. Do you also do Wikipedia page creation?
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    Have you done any public case studies? It'd be interesting to see. I'm sure it'd convince a lot of people to give it a go if you could move the needle on a random site etc :)
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    Alternative to SurferSEO/Frase but for bulk keywords

    Surfer and Frase are pretty handy, but there's one thing I think they fail to do. At least with Frase, I haven't used Surfer in awhile. If you want to rank a page for multiple keywords, they can only take 1 keyword then they give you suggestions based on that one keyword. It'd be nice if a...
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    Alternative to AHREFS for bulk traffic stats?

    If you're looking for a cheap option, SEOPowerSuite is decent. It's like unlimited for one price. Not quite as good as Ahrefs, but does the job if you just want general numbers.
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    PetroSky | Android Emulator VPS Hosting for Bluestacks, LDPlayer, Nox Player | Revolutionize your experience with us!

    Is there a way to route the traffic through a residential IP?
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    I can't believe Myspace is still about lol. I thought this section was a joke :D
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    Ad Networks with tCPA options?

    Hey, I'm expanding my campaigns reach, doing well on meta and google etc but I want to try some lesser known platforms too. I know all the usual, Pinterest, Quora, Taboola etc Just wondering if anyone knows any lesser known options that actually have decent algo's in place to optimize...
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    0$ E-Book | How to Create YouTube Videos in 5 Minutes

    Sounds intriguing, I'd like to see it :)
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    Facebook: My personal ad account and businesses are banned. But I want to run ads for friend business. Can he add me as admin and not get banned?

    Delete your account and open a new one. Sounds obvious but seriously it's the easiest and safest way...
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