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    25 Demonoid invites

    nah shit demonoid is down... :(
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    My Bot Creations FREE!!! [More to come]

    We need a bot to scrape id's & send out privite messages at forums. I'm using one now but it's buggy & only works with vbulletin & most of the forums have a limit of one message every 60 seconts. There's other forum software out there besides vbulletin that could not have a send limit...
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    Getting Pictures For Your Profiles

    Whats the average size for the pictures I know it would depend on the specific site but any idea on a standard size.
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    Getting Pictures For Your Profiles

    How are some of you getting pictures for your different profiles that are not your own pics & then resizing them.
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    Is Promoting Offers At Coupon Sites Worth Pursuing

    What methods are working promoting CPA offers at these sites which has thousands of members. I know about slickdeals banning quickly, but there's thousands of people who belong to them looking to buy something. Would posting a quality free ebook with a couple of affiliate links in it...
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    Which Forum Software Is Good For PM Blasting Messages

    I've got a program that sends out privite messages to vbulletin forums. Most of the forums have a limit of only 1 message every 60 seconds that's only 60 an hour. Which forum software is the easiest to pm with and would not have a limit like vbulletin does.
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    Top Affiliate Network For CashAdvance Niche has some
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    Crawl Website's to Harvest Links? Software?

    Where can we get Visual Web Spider
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    Which One Of These Weekly Paying Affiliate Programs Would You Promote

    I hand picked these offers from some members here that are running there own private networks mainly for CL marketers. My bank hit me with a lot of overdraft fees when I had a power outage & my computer got fried & coudnt get online to cancel a paypal subscription. There going to...
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    Is Hotspot Shield Ok For Changing Your IP Address With The Major Web 2.0 Sites

    Will using Hotspot Shield be ok for sites like facebook-digg-myspace work for creating multible accounts, the ip address will not be the same all the time. If not is there a free alternitive besides buying some privite proxies.
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    You have been banned forever!!!

    What mass pm software are you using for doing this. When you say "make two accounts and send pm from first to second" is that for you to login to the second & check to see if the pm went out ok.
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    Has Anybody Used Stronger Ads Affiliate Program

    I had it bookmarked in my favorites & I did a search here and couldn't find any thing, I'll check it out then.
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    Has Anybody Used Stronger Ads Affiliate Program

    Has anyone promoted their offers & got paid from stronger ads . here's there site.
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    How Do You Analyze A Affiliate Site To Find Out Where The Gurus Advertise

    Spam mods please remove this post.
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    How Do You Analyze A Affiliate Site To Find Out Where The Gurus Advertise

    Whats the best way to do a referral analytics on a affiliate site to find out where the best affiliates are advertising to bring in the most sales. I've tried compete & alexa already, any software tools or other sites like compete there pro version is $199 a month.
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    Where Can I Get A Blogger Template For Music-Games-Ringtones

    I'm looking for a good blogger template for these niches. music-video-games & ringtones-movie trailers.
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    Free WordPress Theme & Blogger Template

    Are there any game-music or video templates for blogger
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    Paypal Phone Verification

    I just got my paypal account limited & there asking for phone verification. My phone's is not working now is there any other way to verify my phone number with paypal with say a virtual phone number online.
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    WebDOMinator for Twitter and 30+ Soc Networks

    It's ok I'm using it & a beta tester for it. He's emailed the nod32 anti virus software team.
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    Whats The Best Social Networking Directory

    I'm looking for a Social Networking or boobmarking directory that is something like DMOZ for webites or something similar preferably with PR.
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