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  1. ranga

    Can I still earn from blogging?

    No, video is a better option with higher trust if you show your face
  2. ranga

    Google Is Introducing a New "mentioned In" Snippet Format that Lists All the Popular Websites the Webpage Is Mentioned In

    it reminds me the earlier days when Google and Yahoo used to show backlinks
  3. ranga

    AI Hype is starting to lose touch with reality

    The way things are progressing in AI front, we should see at least 2-3 gap up moments i.e. moments which nobody expected and really amaze. After those moments we should see how things are shaping up. I don't think Generative AI in current form can replace IT but the movie has not even reached...
  4. ranga

    How come there is no AI bot that can predict, with great precission the financial markets?

    Current AI systems are generative AI i.e. its main purpose is to generate text. I am sure there are AI's existing for stock market prediction but are closed and controlled. For stock market prediction you need to create and train AI with stock market data
  5. ranga

    AI generated content should be labelled

    A wise man once said "Make only those rules that you can enforce". If you don't have a system of checking accurately what is AI content and what is not, then how will you enforce the rule. btw, that wise man was myself
  6. ranga

    ChatGPT be like: Source? It was revealed to me in dreams.

    I have tried doing law related stuff with chatgpt and it does generate lots of inaccuracies, but if somebody fine tunes a system using actual case laws, then its a different ball game
  7. ranga

    Google is introducing automatic watermarking for all AI-generated content

    the days when google could dictate terms (rel sponsored) are gone. There are hundreds of AI models and they can be fine tuned. So they can try all they want, but its not in their hands.
  8. ranga

    Contrary to their claims, Google doesn't like AI content at all and won't even rank them

    I agree 100% big slap for AI content coming /s
  9. ranga

    BTC My Technical Analysis

    Opportunities are always recognised in hindsight. There is nothing lost though yet, if it drops or breakout, in both cases there would be buy opportunities.
  10. ranga

    BTC My Technical Analysis

    For those who don't believe in technical analysis please see what BTC is doing in the image below. Not all charts follow technicals so nicely, but when they do it seems almost magical. See how it touched support at 19600 levels, a support line charted months back on the chart and then moved up...
  11. ranga

    What is the best AI tool for you?

    GPT3 & ChatGPT, waiting for API access to GPT4
  12. ranga

    We are witnessing the end of Google

    I never once supported it, I always said even if a competitor brings a better product, it will not affect Google, its too entrenched for us to change unless there was a dynamic shift. AI is bringing that dynamic shift i.e. the whole way we use internet will change, if Google copes with it, it...
  13. ranga

    We are witnessing the end of Google

    david vs goliath is playing once more. When Google entered the scene, it was the david and Yahoo, MSN were the goliath. Google was new, energetic, flexible, a breath of fresh air and Yahoo etc. where big, inflexible giants. The roles are now reversed Google is now the big, inflexible giant who...
  14. ranga

    A college student created an app that can tell whether AI wrote an essay

    All AI detectors are based on a human trait i.e. humans don't write predictive text. If AI is trained to write unpredictably majority of the tools fail. Also, there is lots of hype over these tools without substance i.e. Google currently don't ban good quality AI content. AI is a disruption...
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