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    Biller 9 Cash University - anyone using?

    I know of a network that converts adult traffic and pays DAILY :) PM me
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    Does this Program pay is it legit??

    Hit me up if anyone posts in the adult gigs or personals on cl, I have a way better offer than just dating that is saturated that converts better than webcam models trying to signup.
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    Best Adult Affiliation for Non-US Resients

    Try Has dating, webcams and other unique sites. They pay daily paypal if you send good traffic.
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    Guy on the bus gets OWNED

    This thread was taken from
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    Need Lots of Adult Traffic

    I have huge traffic form myspace and fb, can i see your landing page?
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    black hat seo needed

    I need someone REALLY GOOD to do some black hat seo and make a landing page for each keyword in google uk, yahoo uk and msn uk. I have 10 keywords i want in first page. If anyone wants to do this, please PM me with prices.
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    Question for anyone living in the UK

    Thanks everyone. Do you know the contact for Loot or The Exchange and Mar? Are they free with high circulation? The Sun, do they have an adult section that your aware of? I appreciate anyone that can help :)
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    Question for anyone living in the UK

    I need actual newspapers, not just online. Thanks!
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    Question for anyone living in the UK

    Thanks a lot. Any others? Any that reach a lot of people that are well circulated? Thanks again :)
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    Question for anyone living in the UK

    Thanks, but these are daily papers. Im looking for someone with real life experience who knows of a free paper with a good personals classified section. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Question for anyone living in the UK

    I am looking to place adult classified ad in a newspaper that gets the most exposure. Can anyone recommend a newspaper in London that has a lot of readers, preferably a free weekly newspaper highly distributed. Thanks
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    Network W/ most 1 Pg. Submit Offers!

    Im looking for an aff to joint venture with that has a cpa offer for email submits for picking up girls' or ipad' etc. PM me
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    Email Submits Offers?

    Im looking to jv with a copeac affiliate for the macbook or how to talk to women email submit offer. If anyone wants to split rev, I can push 4-10K clicks daily to convert. PM me
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    western union question

    I dont know if this is the right section, but here is my quesiton. We are trying to set up a business western union or money gram account where people from all over the world can pay our account and we get the cash. Does anyone have any experience they can share in this if its possible and if...
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    I need 1k gmails ASAP!

    I need a thousand gmail accounts with imap enabled and you need to be able to accept eppassport payment. Mesage me if you can help. Thanks
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    Stay Away From

    Send me a pm, I have a center set up and can do your captchas for not only less, but without lag.
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    Any dating affiliate that do not mind BH traffic

    I will take it, what kind of traffic is being generated? mailing traffic? How many sales daily can you do?
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    I need to move to another country. Suggestions?

    My 2 cents: I lived in the US my entire life until I was 25. US is great, easy life for the most part but the bigger question is what type of business do you want to run? Every guy I know tht has done blackhat work in internet, telemarketing, spam, anything in the grey and makes money gets...
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    Need a host who wont cave to threats

    China Bullet proof hosting :)
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