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    hey guys im looking for CPA platformes provide (work from home offer) pay per lead i went to cpagrip but didn't find offers in this niche

    Hi westonadam, what vertical are you working on? and are you looking for live CPL or data CPL?
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    Casino affiliate

    Depends on the GEO, if you go the the casino groups directly, you can get amazing casino Hybrid deals, which is much better than CPA deals. For example, I get in some GEOs 270euro + 40% revshare, which gets me a passive income for a long time. What kind of traffic do you run and where?
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    Which binary options and forex offers are trustworthy?

    A piece of advice, don't trust any of them. Go with recommendations of previous affiliates. To maximize your earning, go with CPA affiliate networks that offers weekly payouts on crypto, with conversion guarantee. I can recommend Traffic Hive, they are connected with a lot of brokers and have...
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    Can you recommend a good FX conference for affiliates to meet brands?

    I have FX and Crypto 'make money' traffic and am looking for good and reputable conferences to meet brands and make deals with them. I would appreciate any recommendation from personal experience for the near future. Thanks!
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    Suggested landing pages for push traffic in GCC

    Does any one drive traffic to the GCC and can help me with links to high converting super aggressive LP's?
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    Facebook account warm up experts needed! :)

    Hi there, I want to build a team of professionals that has experience warming up HQ Facebook accounts. I will manage the team, provide the tools (ie Proxy, MLA etc) and a monthly retainer for your service. You need to have a strong computer and Skype availability. Cheers! :)
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    Best native platform for Forex/cfd marketing?

    Hi all, What's the best native platform for Forex trading? mainly UK, and GCC I'm using PropellerAds right now and not getting good traffic unfortunately
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    Buy an address for GMB in Finland

    Where can I buy a local address for GMB account?
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    How do I get a physical address for Google My Business?

    Any ideas on how to open a GMB in Finalnd without a physical address? or where I can get a physical address?
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    Pro SEO campaign manager to build PBN for a crypto website

    I'm looking for a pro PBN builder with expertise in GSA to help me build 2nd tier crypto/financial site network to help me promote my money website. This will be a long term partisanship, that after building this PBN I have 3-4 more websites to promote in the gambling industry. Must have proven...
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    Looking for a GSA Search engine ranker ninja!

    I'm looking for an English speaking, GSA ninja, for a 1 on 1 crash curse to teach me how start a campaign, connect tools, build strategies etc. It must be on a Skype/Zoom call (no video for anonymity).
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    What article spinner works best with GSA search engine ranker?

    I'm new to GSA and watching an excellent tutorial on how to run campaigns on GSA. However, the tutorial is at least 1 YO and uses Wicked Article Creator (WAC) for the content, and WAC seems to not be available any more. Any recommendations?
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    Looking for an Arab speaking web designer to design Email templates

    Looking for an Arab speaking web designer to design Forex email templates for the GCC. DM me examples of your work
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    Started running FX make money funnel on YT. Need help with LP examples

    Hi! I just started running some Youtube campaigns to GCC. My campaign is pretty simple, a video that leads to a landing page with the same video and a lead form. The problem is that the lead quality is pretty low, because there is nothing to filter out those who has no money or that are yoo...
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    Buy Amazing Wikipedia Backlinks Service

    Thank you for the service. It took 10 days to get the link, but it finally got here and with decent pricing, so I'm pleased. Just ordered 2 more for other websites of mine.
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    Link builder for high quality websites

    I need someone to high quality websites to connect me to people in the organization for link building purposes. Websites must have high DR (75 and up), at least 3 years indexing and 200+ KWDs at 1-3 positions. Please don't contact me for less, I have enough "regular" links and I know how to...
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    ★Wikipedia Niche Relevant Backlinks★

    Intrested with the service. Please PM me
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    How do I insert a casino link to Wikipedia?

    Does anyone knows a connection?
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    What's the strategy to find an .gov and .edu links?

    Thanks. I do that, but then I get stuck when I see pages like this >> On pages that has an email to reach out to, it's easy. But are there any BH methods to aquire links?
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