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    Favorite Registrar?

    Moniker is standard in the industry for big players.
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    Netfirms domains for just $4.95

    Transfer-out is really easy too.
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    Where should I register my domains?

    Moniker is the standard. I normally register thru netfirms then transfer to moniker. DO NOT USE DOTEASY. You will be hit with $25-$20 transfer fees/renewal fees, etc.
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    GoDaddy is for sale

    True, while custom TLDs will not wipe out domain registration all-together - it certainly will impact it. Thus. the best time to get out of a company (or sell) is when you're on top (GoDaddy). These are just examples...
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    GoDaddy is for sale

    I know what I said- i've been in the domain industry since 2003. Custom TLDs are the future for businesses and corporations. For instance, google will take the .google extension. Your local car shop will take .tonyscars It is the final progression of domain name evolution. GoDaddy...
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    GoDaddy is for sale

    They are getting out of the business because of custom TLDs. It will ruin the domain economy- no one will be registering domains - just custom TLDs.
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    have over 20 .info godaddy domain. any renew coupon code?

    Always go with .com unless you plan on selling before the year is over.
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    .co future

    My 50-100 monthly search domain names are too good to sell!
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    Sigh... I just don't get it (wordpress).

    Create a support ticket with hostgator.
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    [need help] Someone offering to buy my domain

    It's a scam, it's been going on for years. If it sounds to good to be true it is. The page that he sent you lists his company website (which is the cheapest) of all of the services mentioned.
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    Best Place to register .com domain names in bulk may be able to give you $8.37 pricing. Email them. If you are from the US I would not use because they are NOT from the US. You should always use a registrar in the same country as your own - that way if the beans spill your legal woes can be taken care of.
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    .co future

    TheTRUTH are you a .co-ee?
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    $3.99 Domains - Unlimited

    False, you need to retry the checkout. I purchased a name for $3.99.
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    Just bought a domain with exact keywords with 165k visiters a month. Worth anything?

    False. Any top level domain is not fine. Certain extensions would be mediocre at best.
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    Selling a .info - Quick Question

    If it has unique content then it has potential.
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    $3.99 Domains - Unlimited

    NetworkSolutions has a $6.99 .com promotion.
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    No Such thing as duplicate content - Revealed

    Google owns a patent that has to do with duplicate content. It may not be a factor now, but why plan your own burial?
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    Just bought a domain with exact keywords with 165k visiters a month. Worth anything?

    It depends on the extension. If it's not .com it's worthless.
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    Do I renew them or do I let them die?

    You can make thousands and thousands of dollars with sites that make $0.03 per day if you get a lot of them. Most of the "big guys" do this.
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    $3.99 Domains - Unlimited

    It's a loss-leader promotion. They figure you will renew at their higher rate or purchase hosting. If you transfer out, you "win'.
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