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    Need high quality US amazon rank increased. verified reviews, also FB, google Reviews

    I need to incerase ranking on my amazon products and boost verfified reviews, must be excellent quality no risk. US based products and reviews. Also looking to boost reviews on as many other channels as possible and business listing sites as well.
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    Looking for positive Amazon product reviews from various accounts.

    Hi Guys, im looking to boost Positive Products reviews on amazon products. This would need to be done from various accounts/ ip addresses or whatever is needed to look legit. it would be needed for about 20-30 products and in proper english and needs to look extremely legit. PM with an offer you...
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    Looking for a real bad ass SEO guy/ company wanting to work performance based

    PM and I will send you the the list. The keywords will be in the HVAC niche
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    Looking for a real bad ass SEO guy/ company wanting to work performance based

    Im looking for a performace based person and or company willing to charge on a keyword basis (name me your price per keyword) to rank us. Im open to ideas on how we can work together. If you feel, you have what it takes and think you can rank us top 6 for our niche please let me know. We are a...
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    any idea where this ebayer is getting his stuff from?

    could be a bulk purchase from I bought similar ones in the past but had to spend a couple K. It was a no name brand
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    Looking for a full time SEO/ online Marketing Assistant

    Hi, I'm looking for a full time SEO/ online Marketing assistant, you should have several years knowledge in online marketing, have access to and knowledge running seo Software related programs, experience in or managing link builders and content writers. Must have a good proven track record in...
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    Live Keyword tracking ticker software and hardware

    I wanted to have a cool setup in my office and vertically hang some monitors on the wall and be able to track and monitor hundreds of keywords positions and rankings for 2-3 sites and in various categories and sub domains updating Live in real time..... kind of like the way stock brokers track...
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    Looking to Hire an SEO Manager for our company

    Were looking to Hire an SEO manager/ Director, who will oversee all SEO initiatives for our sites and would work performance based. We will pay all expenses needed etc.. Content writing or content writers, as well as any link purchasing or anything of that sort. We are open to discuss...
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    Im looking For a professional SEO/SEM assistant with years of experience, managing large campaigns in SEO/SEM with hundreds if not thousands of optimized keywords. My assistant will be optimizing keywords / content /data feeds and any other seo/sem inititaives and will need to have serious...
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    Looking for a bad ass SEO specialist

    Im looking for the Best seo specialist on this site, who can optimize hundreds of keywords up to 3k keywords and bring them up to position 1-3 on the first page on google in under 60 days. Name your price and your experience? Dont waste my time and I wont waist yours. (This is only for one money...
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    I Need a bad ass, marketing/ Design assistant

    Im looking for a bad ass marketing and web design assistant, that has serious knowledge and experience in ranking, bring high traffic to sites that can help manage and bring traffic to our sites as well as be my assistant. Im looking for some one who speaks good english, understands marketing...
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    Looking for a bad ass Virtual assistant

    Im looking for a bad ass virtual assistant with a marketing background that is highly experienced dealing with Seo, manual and software programs as well as web design, link building, content writing and marketing in general, can shop for and manage or even do seo or other online marketing tasks...
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    SEO Paladin. Hybrid,Set It And Forget It SEO- Wholesome SEO Packages

    Just purchased the "great Pyramid of khufu" package lets see how this goes will comment soon on this
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    Taking 50 BHW members to Vegas in October

    I second "GooglesMostWanted", Googles Most wanted, If we can figure out a way to get a big group of people together, Ill pay for myself as well. Their Should be a BHW conference or something no BS
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    erasing threads from google and comments from google

    Hey guys, I have several threads and comments from BHW that are indexed in google, I really need to get these deindexed asap, as when you type my name on google its the second result with subcategories below it that come up. how can I de-index all BHW post an comments from apearing on googles...
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    Custom or best real time serp software

    Hey, guys, I was thinking if anyone here knows of a software that updates your serps in real time or with simple refreshes thats easy to use and see in a (list view format) example...I would like to place lets say 4-5 vertical lcd monitors that track several hundred keywords by category on my...
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    Xrumer Classes / Courses

    yes please do
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    craigslist for newbies..I need help on this

    Hey guys, im a newbie on craigslist excuse my ignorance for you pros out there, I want to test this method of marketing to complement my other campaigns and bought an ebook on it and have read alot on this forums over tha last couple of months, Here goes: I was told to set up a an...
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    When does amazon pays ?

    from my experience if your referring to sales on the site its bi monthly, not sure on the exact days or even if there is an exact day im guessing 1st and 15th
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    Black Hat Marketing Conference 2010 - Where should it be?

    Miami at the fontainblu hotel or at the viceroy on brickell google both of them
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