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    India > USD, What's a Good Salary For You Guys Overseas.. $1 USD = 55 Rupee, Is $10K Rich?

    What I find interesting is the mindset ... Should you really earn enough to pay your entire rent for the month - for the time and effort and skillset equiv of mowing my lawn 2 hrs a day ? The vast majority of outsourced tasks are dictated directly to the workers by their employers and require...
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    India > USD, What's a Good Salary For You Guys Overseas.. $1 USD = 55 Rupee, Is $10K Rich?
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    Local seo tricks --> What I've seen work so far

    Or you could just get it done for you at approx. $3 a crack Citation Burst form Bright Local Additionally, thought this thread was about ranking the google local PLACES page [ G+ ] like so: Otherwise...
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    Local seo tricks --> What I've seen work so far

    LOL - my thoughts exactly.
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    FBI Targets Young Russian Spam Kingpin

    Yes and Im sure the Aussie and the yank that snitched this guy out best be looking over their shoulders too. Im sure greater men have been done in for lessor crimes against the russian underworld. Of course he chilled 1st class in vegas - US crime syndicate has opened up shop on the interwebz...
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    Why stay away from WordPress

    This Just In: Registering any EMD Domains at GoDaddy is a giant red flag and google will castrate you and your first born for doing so. It is to be avoided! Or... Conversely ... Its so overwhelmingly popular that it would take too many indonesian and middle eastern cube dwellers with a...
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    Breaking News: Google admits Negative SEO works!

    Thanks bro! But ummm ... Penguin 1.0 called - and it wants its NEWSFlash back ....
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    My Method Of Earning $300-$400/day From Facebook

    Banned ? Why ? so is that 100.000 per day then kappput! Banned?
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    Penguin 2.0 Is A Joke!

    ahrefs and gogles index have nothing in common. I could really give a flying shit what ahrefs crawler find. Ahrefs bot aint going to rank me for shit in GOOGLE. Links to your links is what gets google to crawl the pages and "index" them. If you do the job proper - you'll get google to "cache...
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    Brand New Domain using SAPE?

    Unless I could live with trashing the site and starting over - which it seems you can and will be able to do ... Im not longer pushing those kind of links - especially those that the white hats are crying about ad nauseum [ Danny Sullivan / Barry Schwarts / Rand Fishkin and the other trust fund...
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    Penguin 2.0 Is A Joke!

    Really ? What's a legitimate link to your website ? who the fuck is google to be master arbiter of all links on the web and be judge, jury and executioner with little to no recourse for the small guys?
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    Penguin 2.0 Is A Joke!

    Been a mixed bag here for serps for me and my clients serps. Id say 80% UP a few spots here and ther and a handful of losers - - 150+ sites / terms Mostly losers in this algo change were folks with large link profiles - and a lot of exact match and close to exact match anchors.
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    Newbie here needing help

    Just put your hard work on YOUR domain and not mess with the FREE stuff. You need wp plugins and themes and customizations and "stuff" in the long run to make a site generate $$$. free sites limit your abilities. I mean you could, with dicount coupons and such, get a domain and site...
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    Content is King

    Its the King of What? The Trust Fund Bloggers Association? Sorry to break the news - but google's actual serp results tell a very different story. CASH is King ... If youre content by itself is ranking in your niche all by itself, you're likely not in a niche where there are a lot of...
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    Negative SEO

    mmmm .. this popcorn is Mighty Fine. The show is a big hit too! Props to the OP for bringing this here. Rather enlightening. One can only dream that the fucker running Rip***Rep*** gets it shoved back up his ASS * 1 billion. I know youre on a slightly different mission - but their ilk is...
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    WTF Someone copied all of my content onto a web 2.0 site and now it's outranking me.

    Be ready to illustrate the date you penned the content and how you are the rightful owner. It will take them some time - but the DMCA will likely work. Pretty common practice to do to competitors - when they drop off in rankings. Dudes in snake oil - errrr ... Health Niches are epic at it...
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    How I built my offline SEO/Social Media empire earning $15,000 a month in three months!!!

    Just want to give a shout out and a bump to the OP - good shit - she's an oldie but goodie - I pinged you on skype... Hope youre not too busy stackin to chat a brother up :-) Thanks again
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    Need Rip Off Report Taken Down

    Had a client who's former seo - who sucked donkey balls - listed his name as Sex Offender! Made up a fake profile for a family from Florida who where traveling to the state where this guy lived and hired the guy for a weekend to train their kid for using PC [ seriously - ffs ] - and alleged...
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    Need Rip Off Report Taken Down

    Yup - they call to sell you "protection" - like the fucking mafia. Now that they successfully sued google for discrimination - and won - the bastards go and do this. Google lost a lawsuit so they cant filter yelps reviews - and now that yelp has this - they use it to extort SMBs into their...
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    My Offline biz from A to Z...Launching tomorrow

    All thats fine and good amigo - but you want to stay OUT of the details of whats right and whats wrong with x y or z ... Your discussion with business owners needs to stay focused on WIIFM. Whats in it for me. They dont give a fuck about the facebook fan likes and tactics - they want results...
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