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    500 VCCs.For verification purposes only. No money loaded.

    Please send me 1 too. Thanks
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    Adwords banned anyone!

    Yes, if you setup a proper account without abusing the voucher, your campaign will run within few hours (new account).
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    Is this is a good adwords strategy?

    The budget you have, $50 per day is far too less to test out 2000 products that you have. You will need to have more budget, or you should test less product. Otherwise, you will end up making wrong decision, such as making a mistaking in kill the "profitable" products. Eg: These are 3...
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    links working

    johnwoo is right. carmen36, you can buy these links from some voucher seller from india, some of them are selling it.
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    What an awful section

    I'm agree with BlueTurtle. We need more quality post here or we need some inner cicle where we exchange experience on how to deal with Google AdWords. For instance: - how to create & manage multiple adwords account - how to stay under radar promoting stuff that adwords doesn't like - affiliate...
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    links working

    If you would like to have one or two for you personal use, the easiest way is to buy some web hosting that come with free adwords voucher, such as: hostgator, godaddy, ipage, etc... If you only want the voucher, you can buy it from voucher seller. $100 voucher only cost you a few bucks. If you...
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    Cloaking & QS....

    Cloak to another website that google like may help you get QS 7 at the beginning, but you need to improve your CTR to maintain or increase to 7+. You need to increase relevancy of your ads, keyword & landing page. Add these: LSI keywords, search, filter, sort, compare features. Don't forget...
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    AdWords 250$ - tutorial needed!

    The method to generate these voucher is not working anymore. Therefore, there's limited amount $250 voucher on the market now and the price is increasing fast. Just for clarification, this works for both new & old (it still works even if you have added voucher before) account.
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    [Method] Adwords Method To Get $100 Vouchers For .01

    1. You can sign-up through the Google Adwords offer on the hosting plan within the first 24 hours, but you won't get the voucher from hostgator. Therefore, your adwords account won't be credited with $100. 2. Sometimes, they will not request verification from you. You can get the voucher...
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    can we have many adwords accounts using free/cheap coupons

    There's no trick on using voucher without cc. It's stated on google adwords support/help section. Just choose manual billing, you won't need to add any cc into your account to run the ads. If you trying to create multiple account, most of the time you will get your account suspended for various...
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    Giwing away few 20 x 80$ adwords voucher packages

    If you still have some to spare, please send them to me. I am using voucher daily.
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    need adwords

    Since this is your first post, please read BHW forum rules before you post. You should post this thread on WTB section. In addition, you should be more specific on what type of adwords account that you would like to buy.
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    [Method] Adwords Method To Get $100 Vouchers For .01

    5. Once they email you, you have to be quick to sign-in to the cPanel, because 30 minutes after it's setup, they require you to prove your identity. You can't get the voucher within 30 minute. You need to wait for at least 24 hour to get the voucher. If they require you to prove your identity...
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    [GET] Use your coupons without a CC/VCC

    Guys, OP last post is 12-12-2011. This is related to manual payment. For more information, you can google: "How to redeem a promotion code". Google tell you how to redeem the code inside AdWords Help Center. This works fine if this is first time you are using adwords promotion code with your...
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    Need real cloaking advice - not a joke

    Hint: You can't cloak adwords by using IP or hostname. Forget about country, ip geolocation. They didn't works in 2011. Reason: As explain by madsem, google employee can simply use a proxy, VPN or go to public WIFI to visit your website to find out the "real"/uncloak landing page. However...
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    ***Free Adwords Voucher Giveaway for 2 weeks ***

    Please send me free code if you have any. I can consume as many as you can send :)
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    Accounts getting Suspended again and again!

    I have send you a PM, with my skype ID.
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    How much could you pay for preloaded Adwords account?

    He is right. You can get $100 voucher for less than $5.
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    Does anyone succes with new other adword account after banned?

    The adwords game is not just about creating account, you need to learn how to successfully run your ads too. If your are promoting something that adwords doesn't like, your next campaign probably will get suspended very soon.
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    What's The Highest Quality Score You Ever Got on Adwords?

    10/10. If your QS will increase from 7 to 10 if your CTR is higher than 10% after your ads run. If your CTR is lower than 10%, you QS may remain at 7 or decrease depends on your competitor CTR on the same keywords. How QS affect your CPC & Ad Rank Let say your QS is 7, your competitor QS is...
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