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  1. KeenCreator

    [FREE Giveaway] 50x Canva Edu Invites

    Interested! Sending you a PM shortly. I think yeah you can if you are offering it at a competitive pricing. Thanks in advance.
  2. KeenCreator

    Adsense think my site has adult content

    Tbh, It's hard to regain the reputation if Google considers it an adult website. @ScribScribScrib might be right, this could be the reason.
  3. KeenCreator

    ❇️ AI Content Creation - $1.5/500 Words | Human Proofreading | Informative Articles | High-Quality Content ✅

    Samples sent. Taking new orders now. Kindly make sure to mention the payment details while ordering please.
  4. KeenCreator

    Is it just me or others too are feeling the living expenses have shot up to the moon?

    @Mr Positive woke up to reality! Seems like you ain't getting any review copies in the real world. :oops:
  5. KeenCreator

    ❇️ AI Content Creation - $1.5/500 Words | Human Proofreading | Informative Articles | High-Quality Content ✅

    Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback my friend. _____________________________________________ Available to take new orders now! Order from here.
  6. KeenCreator

    Sites to buy cheap domains?

    +1 for Namecheap. Other options could be bluehost (hosting bundle options available) and maybe Domain .com.
  7. KeenCreator

    Need love?

  8. KeenCreator

    [Discuss] - A long time lurker finally decides to create an account

    Welcome to BHW mate. surely you will!
  9. KeenCreator

    I Will Craft You a Premium Amazon Affiliate Website Just Like the Ones Rich Affiliates Have

    Send me samples please. Also, any discount/offers available?
  10. KeenCreator

    [Journey] Rank and Rent Site Journey to Passive $300/month

    Good luck with your journey mate!
  11. KeenCreator

    What does it take to make money online??

    Never saw a fish doing maths so well. :oops:
  12. KeenCreator

    What does it take to make money online??

    Had @Mr Positive tested your service by asking for a review copy? I believe in his honest reviews! :anyway:
  13. KeenCreator

    who is your favorite marvel character

    Captain America and the Mjolnir scene. The loudest cheer I have witnessed in the theatres. Still remember that! Also, this is my 2nd fav scene.
  14. KeenCreator

    10 WordPress SEO Tips to Implement Before Building a Single Backlink

    A well-defined guide. Thanks for sharing dear @t0mmy
  15. KeenCreator

    Fiverr reselling?

    Wrong section to ask this question. I hope mods will move this thread to the right section. And let me answer your questions in one simple word - YES.
  16. KeenCreator

    FIVERR journey to 2000$ per month

    Good luck with your journey mate. Do you plan to buy any reviews or not?
  17. KeenCreator

    Ever asked a random girl out?

    Any random girl here? Kindly let me know, I might wanna ask you out once. :oops:
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