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    F**K You Google!

    Don't get angry, get even. Site Explore their URL, and copy their backlinks. Simple as.
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    [CHECKMATE GOOGLE] 3 Phases - MEGA LINK BLASTER - Most Effective Link Building - REVIEW

    Looks like someone has already rated this thread 1 star? I can't see any reviews in here, so it looks as though it was from one of your competitors... which is a bit pathetic really - can the person who left that 1 star please say why it's justified? I would love to hear some reviews from...
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    [Panda Updated] Blog network - Readable content - Low OBL and c-class ips - Reviews inside

    I'm definitely interested... this definitely beats manually building Web 2.0 properties providing you backlink the permalinks; however, I'm a little concerned with the latest hiccup - all I see in this thread is orders, no detailed reviews relating to their presence in the SERPS. Could anyone...
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    10,000 guaranteed human visitors for $4.50!

    Payment sent for 25k, please check your email!
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    Article Writing/Rewriting Services-100% original articles-2$ Review copies available

    My Review I enjoy writing Articles. Having so much to do, I thought I'd outsource just a small percentage of my workload. I have an extremely high set of standards, so I did a bit of hunting first - I normally always write my own articles, even after a few spins. Anyway, I began my hunt...
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    Forum post backlinks (my way to gain SERPS)

    It is a good method and it does make sense - however, one thing you need to make sure specifically with new vBulletin Forums, is that when you post, you select the "Show Signature" field; if you haven't got a signature, then this field will be unselected as default, meaning when you add a...
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    What are your morals on this one? Guy wants to pay me $3k to hack a competitor.

    If money is tight for you, then why don't you just charge him $3k for Lessons on how to do SQL Injections? That way, you're not doing anything wrong... right? He'll be doing the hacking - no blood on your hands, you just taught the guy how to fly. Other than that, I'd strongly advise against...
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    Is it Possible to Rank This Keyword. ?

    Top spot (the site ranked #1) has 3 backlinks from governmental sites, so it will be difficult to get #1, but it won't be hard to get on the first page.
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    Beware Free Wordpress Templates

    Yes they use CSS to hide it, like they reduce the font size to em -99999999 so you'll never be able to see it. I haven't seen this much of a problem for WordPress... but for free Joomla templates it's a MASSIVE problem.
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    Looking For Blog Networks

    You can get your very own blog network off of Flippa!
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    Index vs Cached and Benefits of Noarchive tag

    There's a no archive tag? Wait... so you can disallow any website from caching/archiving your site? The cache is an archive... and I'm not too sure if it gets faster crawled if it doesn't get cached.... maybe but I'm not sure.
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    Bob Parsons, Go Daddy CEO, elephant killer

    I think this calls for a sing-song. ... I don't mind making a few blog posts for you. Save The Elephants! :)
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    I'm Gonna KILL it!

    If you're having financial issues, then it may be better to sell the dog in all seriousness. I mean, that's something you'll have to talk to your wife about... but Pets deserve lots of love and attention, and with that comes an expensive responsibility. You obviously don't care about it, so...
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    Q: Affiliate Marketing Through Article Marketing

    I agree. Just redirect after it's approved.
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    BHW is seized by the feds-no joke!

    I was fooled! :(
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    BHW Party! No Joke! Serious! lol

    Doesn't work in Chrome .... :(
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    Harro has fooled all blackhatters on april 1

    I was fooled. I generally was - I posted on another forum because I actually thought that was the death of BHW. Nice one Lmao! Anyway... back to work.
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    What is best way to monitize India Traffic

    Watch Cricket Live or something then present them with a CPA Gateway before they can watch it etc...
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    Never give up!

    I agree. It's just a rewrite of loads of existing quotes that try to tell you how to live your life. Did you use TheBestSpinner? :P But in all seriousness again, the OP is right - never give up.
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