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  1. Millygirl

    Work from home with lionbridge....

    Pretty much sums it up. I've earned an extra $1000. Not all sites are spammy. I came across about some blogs that had excellent set ups, keywords, etc. Bookmarked them and went back to set up similar wordpress blogs.:D
  2. Millygirl

    Work from home with lionbridge....

    Some people do have a hard time with the tests. I had no problems at all. I got the job (well, hubby applied for it but I do all the work). Min. is 10 hrs per week not 25 hrs. Not many people likes working as a rater but hey it pays bills. I am only putting the info here in case someone wants...
  3. Millygirl

    Work from home with lionbridge....

    Disclaimer: The following sites (WAHM and Lionbridge) IS NOT my sites. Just putting the information out there for those who care to check it out themselves. Work at home moms forum post with various information and links that will be helpful for you all...
  4. Millygirl

    Behind Charlie Sheen's tweet lies a new world of social media advertising

    Yep Kim knows how to hustle for her money:
  5. Millygirl

    Number Crunchers: Who Lost In Google’s “Farmer” Algorithm Change?

    See I would have believe that if Google only went after Associated Content. Many content sites took a whooping which includes Ezine, a few of Demand media sites, etc. Furthermore, I personally believe Google is being forced to clean up their search engine by other media (such as official news...
  6. Millygirl

    Outsourcing your life

    What the OP seem to be looking for is a personal assistant (or maybe a virtual assistant) or something similar to that. Like the ones the celebrities have to plan stuff (like movies, scheduling, etc.). Here ya go: Read on ABC NEWS...
  7. Millygirl

    Number Crunchers: Who Lost In Google’s “Farmer” Algorithm Change?

    On Thursday, Google announced a major change to its search algorithm, designed to weed out shallow and low-quality content from its top search results. Content farms were seen by many as the target. Were they hit? Who was hit? Some figures are coming out. If you were expecting these figures...
  8. Millygirl

    Gold Rush Alaska

    Gold Rush Alaska is a Reality TV show. Reality TV is a mixture of "reality" and acting in order to get viewers into the network. And no many of these "reality tv stars" aren't paid a whole lot of money by the network. Most of them make their money by pushing books or products, getting...
  9. Millygirl

    Google cracks down on Content Farms....

    from CNN: farms, those generators of spammy Web pages engineered to show up high in search results, are getting a closer look from Google -- a move that could dampen their visibility. In a post on...
  10. Millygirl

    being human...

    I was watching the US version of the show. Now I need to go back and watch the UK version.
  11. Millygirl

    NY Congressman resigns after Craigslist Scandal

    Getting it elsewhere may also break up the marriage.
  12. Millygirl

    [Afternoon LoL] OWN3D ESSAY!

    While I am sure a repo job is hard, I am sick and tired of "reality" shows. They are so scripted. If the ex really did call his phone obviously someone gave it to him (wouldn't put it pass the girlfriend or the producers...confrontations and controversy is "good" for show biz).
  13. Millygirl

    Just Got Approved by Demand Studios

    You are very funny:p but no:cool:. My SSN is attached to my account just in case I decide later to write for DS.
  14. Millygirl

    So what happens when you don't sell to google?

    Groupon was offered $6 Billion by Google but they (Groupon) said Hell Fucking No how did Google take? They just shrugged it off. Said no problem, we can build our own. In comes Google Offers...
  15. Millygirl

    Making money today

    You know I really hate the "if he is your real friend...." statement simply because friends don't HAVE to share EVERYTHING. Maybe his friend doesn't want to saturate his method or something. Just because he won't share his money making methods does NOT make him any less of a friend. Should he...
  16. Millygirl

    How many posts do I need to post on the JV Forum? Sometimes I wonder why the admins/mods even bother making stickies.:confused:
  17. Millygirl

    Just Got Approved by Demand Studios

    The question is what are you doing to get rejected. I got rejected once. The second time I just submitted the SAME information but added a link to one of my articles on another content site (I think it was either an article on Associated Content or Examiner, I cannot remember which) and got...
  18. Millygirl

    Which article sites pay through paypal?

    I posted a list in an earlier post. The very LEAST you can do is go through the list yourself and see.
  19. Millygirl

    90 articles in 3 days? Autowriting?

    I guess it is to get them annoyed enough to click on an ad.
  20. Millygirl

    Just Got Approved by Demand Studios

    Check out their FAQ page @ Also:
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