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  1. thewelshman

    Introducing Myself on BHW

    Welcome :)
  2. thewelshman

    Hi Newbie here...!

    Welcome :)
  3. thewelshman

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome :)
  4. thewelshman

    Spotify Hacked

    Make sure to change your password asap and turn on MFA!
  5. thewelshman

    First day, Hello

    Hello and welcome, friend :)
  6. thewelshman

    domain flipping

    Have you tried Flippa?
  7. thewelshman

    Free Followers | Hello BHW

    Hello & Welcome! username: @goit_au Many thanks!!
  8. thewelshman

    I'm a complete amateur at this please help

    Welcome, have a read through the Making Money forums on here and make a plan. Hopefully things improve for you from here :)
  9. thewelshman

    Hello BHW,

    Hello and welcome :)
  10. thewelshman


    Welcome, friend :)
  11. thewelshman

    My Web Design / Hosting / Management Services + Your Sales Skills / Ideas

    Hi All! I'm an experienced sys admin with a focus on web services as a business, also with good knowledge of Wordpress. I've built and managed hundreds of websites of different types for my ex employer, and am now looking to expand off independent of them. I will be offering: Website design &...
  12. thewelshman

    My Web Dev Skills + Your Sales Skills

    Hi All, Looking for a sales partner to sell websites & related services. Am open to offers - feel free to PM :) Cheers
  13. thewelshman


    Hello and welcome friend :)
  14. thewelshman

    ✋⚔️ What PRODUCTIVITY Tool do you use? DON'T use Notion, Coda, Evernote

    Microsoft Outlook for scheduling with calendars. MS To do for logging specific tasks
  15. thewelshman

    What are your goals for August

    Jr VIP
  16. thewelshman


    Welcome to the community!
  17. thewelshman


    Welcome, Pal3mer!
  18. thewelshman


    Hello friend. Take a look at the Making Money forum as a good starting point for what you want to try :)
  19. thewelshman


    Welcome, friend :)
  20. thewelshman

    Hello guys

    Welcome enjoy the discussion!
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