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  1. dynamiteout

    Blackhat world forum

    Welcome :) My first piece of advise for you is to use the magical 'search' feature as much as you can. It will answer the questions you have above. You can checkout the FAQ section too. Good luck
  2. dynamiteout

    Help - I got ripped off by these Craigslist "posters"

    I have heard too many cases and stories where people get ripped off and scammed by CL posters. The bottom line is that you get what you paid for. Always seek for reputable services and posters to ensure everything runs smoothly. Sorry to say, but since its a bank transfer, there is no...
  3. dynamiteout

    How to automate?

    Use Imacros or Winautomation. Read instructions and watch tutorials on how to set it up. It doesnt take any skills to use it. Its meant for newbies. Very user-friendly. Hope it helps.
  4. dynamiteout

    CAN ANYONE recommend me an adult cpa network , please.

    You should check out the CPA section. Lots of discussions and info on it. In regards to tube traffic, you can always use a redirector or some other methods to hide the referrals anyways. So i dont think it matters much if you do it right.
  5. dynamiteout

    Unbelievable Fiverr Scam

    Well, I know you are doing the right thing OP. But wouldnt it be better to care less about these craps and spend more time on your own campaign instead? :) Wasting your valuable time on them is just not worth it. They are just going to keep coming back anyways, and I am afraid it will just be...
  6. dynamiteout

    All Methods are Dead...

    I cant agree with this more. A lot of us IM'ers are into all sorts of software and scripts automation, and have forgotten that fundamentals of how real business develops. Its often a misconception that blackhat/online marketing is meant to be quick and easy money but unfortunately, thats not...
  7. dynamiteout

    Some Graiglist Alternatives..

    Thats correct. Although Craigslist and Facebook are extremely HOT in terms of traffic, there are huge drawbacks. In order to stay in the game, you will need to keep up with the latest changes through testing and re-configuring your setup etc. Its a non-stop process. So in general, they arent...
  8. dynamiteout

    Some Graiglist Alternatives..

    I agree with Angelas111, Although CL is ranked #1 and Backpage is ranked #2 in numers, however, the actual gap between them is fairly big. From my experience, if you are looking for US traffic on classifieds sites, nothing beats the legendary Craigslist so far. 1 ad on Craigslist = a few dozen...
  9. dynamiteout

    Do Text links work in cl anymore?

    Depends on section, and how many times you have spam your text link before. Perhaps you had already over abused it, so they are filtering it out? Or perhaps, there is a specific keyword in your link, that CL doesnt like.
  10. dynamiteout

    Best City to live in?

    No place is best since every place has their own unique culture and environment. Its boring to stay in 1 place anyways regardless how good it is. We are all IM'ers after all, so nothing is better than getting paid when traveling as well :)
  11. dynamiteout

    What tool do you use for Landing Pages?

    or you can download a few template, change things up a bit and go from there :)
  12. dynamiteout

    Get Thousands of Leads

    Guys.. why wonder if those numbers are real or not. Thats a waste of time and definitely not the main focus of the story. The main idea that OP is trying to share is his experience and the concept of what we can do with offline marketing. So if you believe in this, then twist it, pop it and...
  13. dynamiteout

    profile backlinks - automation?

    I think you will be much better of spending $500 on Xrumer. Its solid and get things done well. (There is a learning curve tho, but as a IM'er, it shouldnt be hard).
  14. dynamiteout

    Glendora,CA teen swaps old cell phone for Porsche on Craigslist

    Love these kind of news :) It brings motivation for everyone. Thanks.
  15. dynamiteout

    What the Best Way to Build a E-Commerce?

    I personally like WP + WP-commerce plugin. WP community is very active and most plugins are very user-friendly. Just my personal opinion here.
  16. dynamiteout

    Using an Extra Computer for SEO advantage?

    Well, for me, I would rather sell them all and grab a much more powerful and solid desktop instead. Then install VMware, run all those automated tools or whatever you want on the virtual machines. I find it much more comfortable than having so many machines all over the place (keyboard, mouse...
  17. dynamiteout

    OMG Netherlands 2 - 1 Brazil

    Same here. Not that I dont like Netherlands (they are a great team and played great also), but I just didnt expect Brazil to lose. Especially when they were 1-0 first half.
  18. dynamiteout

    OMG Netherlands 2 - 1 Brazil

    Cant believe Brazil lost like that :| Really didnt expect Netherlands caught up second half. They played a good match tho
  19. dynamiteout

    My prediction - England 2 Germany 0

    4-1. Wow Unbelievable.
  20. dynamiteout

    My prediction - England 2 Germany 0

    REF didnt see it :( Poor England
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