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  1. Micallef

    Data Correction / Entry Job - Hotel Niche - Easy Work

    Filled. Thank-you so much to everyone who responded!
  2. Micallef

    Data Correction / Entry Job - Hotel Niche - Easy Work

    Hello! I need someone with lots of time on their hands to do some database correction work. Anyone can do it, it's very simple. The job is going through our online database of hotels and checking that the price and title are correct - and if not, correcting them. There are 58 Cities to go...
  3. Micallef

    Case Study: Testing the effects of excessive backlinking

    I experienced the same thing. Some of my old (2 years+) websites are so rubbish that I am amazed Google is ranking them again. The only criteria seems to be age. The content is poor by all measures - single page web 2.0 properties. I'm having great success at the moment by sending a few...
  4. Micallef

    [Reviewers Wanted] Miracle Backlinker

    IgniteSEO had some issues on previous test releases. The newest version (3.2) is vastly improved. BST thread coming soon, with coupons and discounts for BHW members.
  5. Micallef

    Best Content Writing Service - For the first time on BHW !

    Last order was excellent, great job. If you're not sure which content writers to use, take the plunge and go with these guys. You will not be disappointed. 10/10
  6. Micallef

    Has google finally Smartened Up about Mass Spammy Links? READ MY CASE STUDY!

    Read this.
  7. Micallef

    Does anybody manual commenting on HIGH PR+ Blogs?

    It works great. Use web 2.0 networks, automated tools and manual commenting. Context, quantity and quality. Never fails.
  8. Micallef

    Case Study: Testing the effects of excessive backlinking

    Great effort on this test, Gorang. For every 500 threads on this forum, there is a golden example like this one. I had a look at the backlinks with my checker. Here is the display: People disagree on the importance of page rank for providing in-links. If it is an important factor, then...
  9. Micallef

    Looking for Coupon Software That Will Allow Me To List My Coupons on all Coupon Sites

    I know that the big-guys in the coupon market employ someone especially to keep the coupons up to date. Costs about $1000 per month.
  10. Micallef

    How Many Backlinks Do You Drop Into A Blog Post?

    Scripteen is exactly right on this. For my web 2.0 slave sites, I always have 1 or 2 outlinks to authority sites, and then I link to my money site once or twice. It's good to find PDFs on .edu sites and link to those. What kind of spammer would ever do that? Also, think about article length...
  11. Micallef

    The Importance of Link Wheels?

    Lately i have moved over into having 50% hosted, 50% web 2.0 networks. If you're in it for the long game, you can't afford to lose sites you've invested so much work into. Over time, web 2.0 hosts go down. One of them which I used regularly turned out to be a spam trap - the guy got spammers...
  12. Micallef

    The Importance of Link Wheels?

    Bear in mind that google has lots of filters and checks nowadays, to help it mark out spam blogs from real blogs. It actually takes a massive amount of effort to make effective "linkwheels".
  13. Micallef

    Why BHWers don't have girlfriends

    I especially like this part: "fuck this gay earth" I am going to start using this turn of phrase.
  14. Micallef

    Banned by CJ - what to do?

    I say beg them. CJ is a solid gold affiliate which always pays.
  15. Micallef

    Calling All Australian BHW Members! - Huge Opportunity

    I currently own a coupon website which makes about $500 per month on full autopilot. It ranks well and has a lot of backlinks, and there is great scope for making even more money with very little effort. However, as I am not a resident of Australia, the affiliate company will no longer pay me...
  16. Micallef

    Social Bookmarking to 25,50,100and 200 bookmarking sites for 4$

    Ordered the service. Job done without a hitch, had the desired effect. Nice work.
  17. Micallef

    The speed of decaptchas-anyone?

    Best: 5 secs Worse: 25 secs Worst: Timeout (captcha not solved, payment not taken)
  18. Micallef

    Link Pyramids - Web 2.0 Pages and Profile Backlinks Combo Packages-25$-20 Review Copies

    The credentials seem very good, and the reviews encouraging. I hope to be able to add my own positive review! Order sent.
  19. Micallef

    Senuke X, will cost 147 usd per month, lol

    Exactly right. The makers of SenukX know 100 times more about marketing than they do about coding. I know enough about the difficulties of automated SEO to know that no tool is worth $2,000 unless you have money to literally burn. Especially if you are dealing with fancy, constantly changing...
  20. Micallef

    So what do you guys think of Google's +1?

    This is terrifying. Pray it doesn't catch on.
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