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  1. Goal Line Technology

    Nelson Mandela R I P

    I am shocked at some of the narrow-mindedness of some of the posters in this thread, in fact I am appalled at the lack of respect, and pathetic attempt to tarnish the impact that this human being on modern history. I refuse to stoop to your level to argue about the why's and wherefore's, and...
  2. Goal Line Technology

    Where's Goal Line Technology???

    ^^^^ this ^^^^^^ Thanks W130SN 100% correct as always :) just popped in to say Thanks to you :) and the good guys will ALWAYS overcome the haters/naysayers/bullsh*ters/wasters, the "ignore" list get longer j/k ha ha
  3. Goal Line Technology

    Nelson Mandela R I P

    Yeah Thanks... No need to explain Wiz... Just so sad the world has really lost a great man, a great person, a great leader. It is often over stated when someone famous dies, (about being legandary etc...) but Nelson Mandela was one of the few TRUE GREATS in modern times.
  4. Goal Line Technology

    Nelson Mandela R I P

    Nelson Mandela RIP
  5. Goal Line Technology

    Hello dadang muler is back

    It could mean.....RW's dog is back? ;)
  6. Goal Line Technology

    Looking For Escort Site Themes

    OP if WP then check the download section, some older themes are there :)
  7. Goal Line Technology

    Funny ~ Top 10 Worst Logo Fails

    Forgot to add this one..... although the jazz (boobies) is still my favorite :) So Subtle ;)
  8. Goal Line Technology

    Did spam your inbox?

    Maybe BHW have found their man for the MOD position for email expert :)
  9. Goal Line Technology

    Funny ~ Top 10 Worst Logo Fails

    Source: Some of these are hilarious, look closely to get the (in)correct meaning :) A good logo can make a company stand out from the rest of the field and help them gain a big competitive advantage. However a bad logo can make...
  10. Goal Line Technology

    How many of you know about these realities?

    The origins of the Apple logo and how it has changed Nokia... connecting people since 1865 ;) The history of the Shell "scallop" logo
  11. Goal Line Technology

    ** ** Most Diverse Link Pyramid @ Affordable Prices ==>Only for $33<==

    Sounds interesting. I like the simplicity of the sales page :) Good Luck with sales OP.
  12. Goal Line Technology

    Careful With Your Chrome, @Gmail & Your Passwords! Avoid Getting Spied ~

    what pisses me off is there is no simple export password tool in Chrome itself. very inconvenient.
  13. Goal Line Technology

    PR Update today. Check your sites.

    You are absolutely 100% correct dheer
  14. Goal Line Technology

    Blue, at last!

    Welcome aspe_heat
  15. Goal Line Technology

    [GOOGLE] $1000 per share

    this ^^^ exactly this. Ah, welcome to The New Holywood :)
  16. Goal Line Technology

    HOT NEWS - Google Partners With Facebook - Bad Meets Evil

    If you cannot beat them...... join them :)
  17. Goal Line Technology - Client SECRET Reveled

    Ah, yes the old Amazon clone chestnut, well at least he was willing to pay $125 :)
  18. Goal Line Technology

    Google's ads above the fold are paying off

    No offence Chris, but although your posts in other threads may be reasonable, the OP is simply voicing his opinion, and not at all extremist, IMHO. Put the entire thread into perspective, and you will derive the true meaning, no need to hate ! So, if you do not understand the "logic" of the...
  19. Goal Line Technology

    Kim Kardashians ass

    Speaking for PERSONAL experience then smartalex? :) NO, the hosting company is simply called fatcow ;) Exactly this ^^^ LOL I would marry her, but I would NOT sleep with her
  20. Goal Line Technology

    *** Happy B'day to GoldonGlovez ***

    Happy Birthday GG :)
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