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    Need to push up in the serps an escort agency - how to do this ?

    do a solid local keyword research and add long tail local keyword for your title,meta,headings etc...
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    looking to hire a developper !

    is this project still open? add me on skype 'california30'
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    looking to hire a developper !

    is this project still open?
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    Script needed

    is there any framework that you prefer? i can have that script to be coded for you in .Net for $400-$600 depending how much of the non script web page developing you do yourself.
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    Where to find a good freelancer?

    google it and you'll find many sites, and most are free for posting projects. You can hire some through this forum too just be cautious.
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    I Need a Small Web Script ASAP

    How much are you willing to pay? and in which framework do you want the script to be made? Added on skype 'california30'.
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    Looking for tanslator, Dutch, German, French and Spanish

    i am fluent in German, if you are interested.
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    Looking for Las Vegas based SEO guidance.

    i am a freelance SEO and developer based in Los Angeles and i go to Vegas often ,i can help you out.
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    Please, I dont want to make another website

    if google still has the index of the older site and you duplicate it for the newer site , you could get penalized again for duplicate content, for the future just never xrumer blast your money site . Older sites rank better than new ones too usually you can wait until your old site gets out of...
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    ok, so hma pro vpn is jump is junk what do i need?

    it depends what you use hma ips for, try to use the newer ips that have been less abused.
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    Anybody know of aSoftware or tool to scan books into pdf or any document format?

    basically i like to scan books,magazines into pdf or text files.
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    Would bots be a good source of income?

    look around to see what is in demand and make bots for that, look at how successful some bots here have been.
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    Need Yelp reviews in Los Angeles area.

    did you get my PM though? if not add me on skype or YM
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    Need Yelp reviews in Los Angeles area.

    PM sent,can you provide pics for the reviews?
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    Very expirienced web developer - looking to make some money

    look at the 'hire a freelancer' section or 'buy,sell,trade,' you said you coded some bots so there is a good way to earn money see what kind of tools the people here in bhw use and make your own tools and promote them.
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    [Pics + video] Bluetooth marketing - The Bum Method! Straight from my office window

    BMW at its best, i wonder if your phone provider would get pissed about it
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    F*CK MY LIFE: All Earnings Gone.... I'm Ruined.

    thats how blackhat works in my opinion , make as much money as you can with your method then once its over reload your gun and go for it again the same or find another way
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    [GET]YouTube Video Likes Bot

    yes.txt would have been easier
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    they are good for newbies and to get into web development but for anything more advanced i wouldn't recommend them.
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    Video Uploading

    good luck with keeping them on, on YT it would be more safe but they still will be deleted and since its copyrighted stuff you won't be able to cash in on them with YT , a way would be to upload a few episodes on YT and tell them they can watch the rest on your site.
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