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    My last concerns

    This is what made me skeptical, making a $100 a day within 4 months would mean that you will have 3000 to invest every month to scale up. That would make anyone rich real quick. That is what I was afraid of concerning Link Emperor. So when you speak of getting better links on BHW, do you...
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    A complete newbies journey

    Sounds like you're going to have fun with this, nice vibe, don't give up.
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    My last concerns

    #1 I am planning to stick with it and work hard at least for the next 10 months after those 10 months I will need to re-prioritize due to graduating college, so fingers crossed. #2 Matthew Woodward is the one who guided me to Link Emperor to begin with yes, but I would like to hear some...
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    My last concerns

    Hey guys, first of all I'd like to thank the community on this forum for being so helpful so far, I came here without knowing anything about IM/SEO and now I feel like I can start a SEO blog monetized with affiliate links. I started my first 3 websites and I am excited to see how it'll go. But...
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    PHPBUILT's Idiot-Proof Guide to Authority Site Building

    Good information, wish you posted this before, it packs a lot of the things I learned in the past few weeks nicely into one solid post. I just want to ask, if I have volunteer writers would it still be smart to remove the author pages, since now they actually have use? And secondly you say every...
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    Quantity before quality

    I am actually subscribed to your journey thread, but you are doing the same as me, which is write a lot of quality 400-600 word articles. My question is to devote more time on a single article, making it longer, adding own research, videos, info-graphics, etc For my easy competition sites I am...
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    Quantity before quality

    Right now for new websites I tend to write a whole bunch of 400-600 word solid posts, at least 1 day. Now for some of those posts I have great ideas like YouTube videos, infographics, more details, etc. The problem is that if I dedicated my time to writing a 2000 word posts with self made...
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    80% Off- FB Page Likes -1st Week December 2013 Only!

    Just got my likes in from OP in a timely fashion and over delivered. great service, will order again in the future.
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    Journey from MNS to Authority!

    I heard something about google updating its stuff so it might be just that. I hope. Godspeed OP
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    Wordpress script needed but not sure how to look for it

    Thank you, I'm on it, tomorrow.
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    Wordpress script needed but not sure how to look for it

    I am doing this website that solves a query, however, the answer to this question is different based on the users location, so I'm looking for a script, or plug-in that allows me to prompt the user to enter a country, zip, or whatever and then show results based of that. Is this possible on a...
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    Where to get sports writers? Specific payment requirement.

    I don't know if this model pay for view is standard, but it doesn't make much sense. What does this achieve, a writer is not going to think, damn I need to write an amazing article because I will get more views! What gets his article views are only your traffic, his title, and your link...
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    Journey from MNS to Authority!

    I like what you're doing OP, can't go wrong with working on content. Just try to decide what you're doing with backlinks, yes, no, who, budget, anchors, diversity, etc Have you thought of social signs as well? I generate most of my new website's traffic through twitter, facebook, pinterest...
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    Pinterest strategy.

    This is genius, do you drip the pins in or just pin it all in a day? Not trying to highjack the thread, but do you guys create business pinterests or personal ones.
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    [TUT] Finding niches & keywords the pro way - Mass Keyword find method

    No its keyword shitter, their logo is a toilet.
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    --> KHer0's Authority Site, Full Passive Income & Fast with My own Twists <---

    That sounds fair, I am actually doing something similiar to this, with 2-3 posts per day taking it real easy. And yeah before I started writing posts I made a lay-out in google docs after doing my keyword research. It looks like this: Keyword: <Keyword> Title: <Postname> Notes: <Notes, Links...
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    --> KHer0's Authority Site, Full Passive Income & Fast with My own Twists <---

    Following this Journey. How do you plan to earn money in this first month? Taking Void Ray's write 10 posts per day aproach?
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    80% Off- FB Page Likes -1st Week December 2013 Only!

    Just placed an order Paypal ID3601G
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    Ranking with link pyramid takes a while does it not ?

    Sounds fair, I have seen ads from the indexing services that claim that most of the links you build will never be found by google at all, which would be a waste of link building for SEO purposes, but it's hard trying to get unbiased information from someone who is promoting a product.
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    advertising dating ads on Facebook but it seems like i never make real profit.

    I am sorry, but is that ad promoting both a facebook page AND a website? I always thought facebook made you choose between those two things.
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