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  1. Laser

    Which are the best Email Marketing Strategies that can boost your sales?

    OMG. Is this what email marketing has been reduced to? Twenty years ago we would blast 100's of million emails per hour. And YES hit the same emails numerous times. In the morning hit them with a weight loss pill, later offer them a mortgage lead, later still, offer them something else. The...
  2. Laser

    Email List Marketing

    according to usa spam law, it s perfectly LEGAL to send some one an email asking them something like the following: "Hello "XXXXXX" , my 17 year old sister makes $1000.00 per day.... every day ....on her laptop. Would you like to hear more about this online method? If so visit our site ...
  3. Laser

    Is It Worth To Spam Emails?

    Send them a small postcard or letter to their home address. #1. You'll never be accused of spam and #2. You hit 100% inbox UNLESS the mail carrier is an idiot. And dont forget to get their phone number for extra contact.
  4. Laser

    What is the fastest way to make $30 a day

    During a heat wave in Chicago kids would buy a case of water @ 36 bottles for $4.00. Then sell each bottle for a dollar on a busy street . So $4.00 makes them $36.00. Thats 900% profit. Bottom line is you have to sell SOMETHING everybody wants.
  5. Laser

    What are some profitable ways of data mining?

    Scrape the patient list of a Urologist, 99.9% need viagra and are paying big money for it. Market generic viagra to them at $1.00 per pill compared to the high price they are paying. You do them a legitimate favor and you make affiliate commissions. You can do that all over the world.
  6. Laser


    Where are your servers located ? Do you guarantee our email list will NOT be copied and used by yourself ?
  7. Laser

    [METHOD] How to Rank on YouTube without a video [Full Guide] 11/2019

    Great information.. Following this one
  8. Laser Lifetime

  9. Laser

    - The SMM Panel for Providers & Resellers! ✅

    Paypal activation and review copy please. Username = Laser
  10. Laser

    Looking for a Trusted & legit youtube View Site.

    I would also like to hear your experience :D
  11. Laser

    YouTube Comment Blaster

    @Herion Could you make a quick Camtasia type video where we can see how the software works and .... "what exactly" it does. thanks
  12. Laser

    YoutubeSupply - $0.35/k Dirt CHEAP Fast High Retention Views - Rank Your Videos Today!

    This thread was posted over three years ago. Has anybody been Banned by YouTube for using these views and other services ? thanks (just trying to be safe on YT)
  13. Laser

    A true elite Black Hat site

    my apologies. I was only focused on youtube at the moment. So you say possibly a PPC tool... might that include @dsense ? Now I'm getting interested.
  14. Laser

    A true elite Black Hat site

    I saw that. How would that drive youtube traffic / users to a specific video ?
  15. Laser

    A true elite Black Hat site

    he hacked a combination lock ? When he can "hack up" a million views on YouTube for a video... I will be all ears and very impressed.
  16. Laser

    Twitter Marketing Software - Instagram Bot - Pinterest Bot - Tumblr Bot - Follow Liker

    IF..... I post a youtube video on Twitter will your software increase the LIKES on that video... and..... the BIG QUESTION..... will youtube recognize those LIKES and will those LIKES show up in youtube analytics ? thanks
  17. Laser

    THE AddMeFast Bot - Auto Generate Upto 40k Points per Day to Boost your Social Networks

    What Benefit does this have with YouTube ?
  18. Laser

    Aged Youtube Accounts 2006 - 2015 PVA OLD

    While back I bought an account and paid with PayPal. What happened to the paypal option? I would like to buy some more but bitcoin is ridiculous for such a simple transaction.
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