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  1. mate246

    Earn $$$/per day with Your Very Own Shopify Store from Nihalsad+COMPLETE Guide+Ad Copy!

    If I get it correctly, you create a full running Shopify store that can create conversions the day you give me the ownership? :)
  2. mate246

    HELP! Monetizing my betting skills... 124 picks, 30%+ ROI | !!November 50%!!

    I did not claim that there are guaranteed bets, and I do not deal with horse racing. I am not only watching Asian exchanges, my strategy is a little more advanced than that.
  3. mate246

    HELP! Monetizing my betting skills... 124 picks, 30%+ ROI | !!November 50%!!

    I did, and I still hold my opinion. Most of the tipsters you see on the internet are scamming you by claiming fake, unbelievable hit rates, returns, and profits. Most of the tipsters you see advertising on Facebook with their fancy stacks of euros around are the biggest scammers of all. They are...
  4. mate246

    HELP! Monetizing my betting skills... 124 picks, 30%+ ROI | !!November 50%!!

    Hey guys! I am currently leading my own sports betting blog FOR FREE on, and without any cockiness, I am providing positive returns that will stay in the long term. Current results: 124 picks, 30% ROI with an excellent return of 50% in November with a hit rate of...
  5. mate246

    [Journey] Predicting Sports Results with Artificial Intelligence

    My man, if you can beat the closing odds on Asian bookmakers, mainly Pinnacle, over the long term, after thousands of bets, you can sit back and enjoy the money... I wish you the best!
  6. mate246

    Sports betting professionals

    Oh and dont believe the stupid bullshit stories you hear. You must beat the closing odds or be an arber to win on the long term.
  7. mate246

    Sports betting professionals

    Find where the odds are off from a sharper bookmaker to a smaller bookmaker (aka value betting), keep betting them at smaller bookies and you will WIN.... until they limit you to pennies. I am in this field for years and most of the tipsters on the net are flat out scammers! I wont go into...
  8. mate246

    What skills do you recommend learning in order to have success in IM?

    Everybody who starts this IM journey has to be skilled at something. Copywriting, Coding, Web Design etc... Lets say we got Joe who doesnt have any skills What do you recommend him to learn right now as of 2016 Dec to start banking money through the net?
  9. mate246

    What advice would you give to the total newbie?

    This has popped into my mind and I want to ask it from the experienced, money earning guys and girls of this community. Let's say, we got Joe. Joe is a total loser in terms of online money making. He cant even make a website, code, design, copywrite or have any talents that he could monetize...
  10. mate246

    how can i make 0.50 - 1$ quick in skrill ??

    Panhandling, it's a surefire way.
  11. mate246

    [METHOD] Complementary betting

    Look up on matched betting / arbitrage betting if you want a much cleaner explanation - just an advice :)
  12. mate246

    SOS Facebook "Share To Win" how to count the people who shared?

    We run a Facebook page for our local grocery shop which is pretty popular. We decided to give away 3 big teddy bears to the people who shared our post. This is where I successfully fucked it up. Instead of local people liking it, a huge amount of people from every bit of my country shared it...
  13. mate246

    Better than expected. Need help!

    I have started a blog in a specific niche with the goal of making passive income. I have written 5-6 articles by my own plus having an affiliate review page. I thought it will get some views here and there but nothing too drastic, I thought I am not providing value at all I use a fake...
  14. mate246

    How to be an extraordinary good b*llsh*t artist?

    I am talking about his 67 step program and I see a lot of people calling him a bullshitter for example in the entreprenur thread on R#ddit. I cannot quote you becausa I am replying from my phone and my browser glitches. Sorry for the grammatical mistakes I made
  15. mate246

    How to be an extraordinary good b*llsh*t artist?

    Good answers in a short period of time, thank you guys. If you have any more thoughts, please don't hold them back.
  16. mate246

    How to be an extraordinary good b*llsh*t artist?

    I think you misunderstood my question. I understand that you need hard work and keep learning in order to make money in internet marketing. I don't want to lie and scam people at any means. I just want to be a better writer. In my opinion, I am a good conversationalist in person, but I have a...
  17. mate246

    How to be an extraordinary good b*llsh*t artist?

    Take a look on the internet. You can see a lot of people b*llsh*tting their way to riches. Like TaiLopez That guy can talk nonsense for one hour straight and make a lot of sales. (Almost convinced me as well) There are a lot of successful entrepreneurs that can write so much b*llsh*t, that it...
  18. mate246

    CPALead isn't counting correctly, doesn't unlock.

    The dude installed the application, the other completed the survey. The dash doesn't even show the download. I did it personally, and it didn't even count mine as a lead. I installed the app from mobile... Just because you think it's a non existent thing, it exists. Have a nice day!
  19. mate246

    CPALead isn't counting correctly, doesn't unlock.

    Honestly, I am fed up.... I have sent my content locked site to people and I have got replies back that they completed the surveys and the page didn't unlock. One visitor from Australia sent me screenshots that they have completed it. The stats show that the surveys had clicks but no leads...
  20. mate246

    [METHOD] Make your first income online - YouTube + PPI.

    My video was unlisted and got flagged and deleted under 1 hour. F**k...... My account is now temporary banned
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