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  1. affiliate_onlinebiz

    Where can I find out how Many Backlinks I have to my site?

    Go to Google and download the SEQuake toolbar. It will give all the informations you need about yoor backlinks and so much more :). Hope this helps.
  2. affiliate_onlinebiz

    Choosing a niche - How many results on keywords?

    If you want super quick results in Google I would keep it under 20.000.
  3. affiliate_onlinebiz

    Keyword Mechanic Help

    You have to treat all of your keywords as distinct keywords. If you have a list of 3 keywords and one of them contains all the others, it doesn't mean you'll rank for all of them on the same position in Google.
  4. affiliate_onlinebiz

    Google and purchasing backlinks

    How short is that period of time. And it also depends on what type of backlinks you acquired.
  5. affiliate_onlinebiz

    Broad or Exact?!

    definitely exact, and you should use MS to do keyword research, it's the best software of its kind at the moment.
  6. affiliate_onlinebiz

    Anybody had experience with media buys?

    You should check out the "traffic university" course. You''understand why :).
  7. affiliate_onlinebiz

    The quickest way to start earining 500 w/k?

    You could offer a service of some kind, maybe design...Or you could go to places like and the likes and see what jobs are available, bid on them and try to get a few projects.
  8. affiliate_onlinebiz

    Switching domain name

    I'd personally rewrite some of my content. Maybe add a few different images, you know...just to make it unique enough in the eyes of Google.
  9. affiliate_onlinebiz

    IP Diversity

    I presume this website with 8k backlinks is on the first position for your targeted keyword. If that's the case than you don't necessarily have to outrank him, you could just go for the second spot. You'll receive 2 times less traffic but at least you'll be getting some. Of course, that is if...
  10. affiliate_onlinebiz

    Hosting multiple sites on one VPS?

    Or you can simply change to hostgator. They allow unlimited domains on one account and it's 1 cent for the first month. Best of luck.
  11. affiliate_onlinebiz

    [ASK]Wordpress Thumbnails

    Try this one: And good luck.
  12. affiliate_onlinebiz

    Are SE Nuke backlinks even worth anything anymore?

    It depends a lot on what kind of content you'll have on your 2.0 properties. It it's of low quality it doen't matter if you're using a software or not, you'll fail in the long run. You may be ranking for some time for your targeted keyword, but without quality content your properties wont stay...
  13. affiliate_onlinebiz

    need a marketing tool for my site

    Did you tried to enroll your site in the Clickbank's marketplace? It's one of the hottest places to attract affiliates. And don't forget to offer some kind of upsells to your clients, I mean immediately after they purchase.
  14. affiliate_onlinebiz

    subdomain as my website???

    You could use subdomains for different testings, but if you truly want to succeed at this seo thing you need to use domains for each of your projects. And not only use domains, but the targeted keywords inside the domain name.
  15. affiliate_onlinebiz

    Interlinking Web 2.0 Properties: Good or Bad?

    I've done a lot of linkwheels interlinking the different properties used in each linkwheel and I never had a wheel "rejected" my Big G. The reason? I always change the way I do each and every linkwheel. If you'll use every time the same "configuration" than Google may start to recognize a...
  16. affiliate_onlinebiz

    Autoblog on 2nd result page - help?

    ******** forum posting. Here's a list with 120 of them :):********-signatures.html
  17. affiliate_onlinebiz

    Titlel and H1 Tag- keyword optimization ??

    Use a few LSI keywords in the H1 tag. You can find these by opening the adwords keyword tool, entering your targeted keyword and by looking an what alternative keywords google returns for you.
  18. affiliate_onlinebiz

    Is It enough!?

    It depends on what you mean by top rankings. The site ranked number 1 could have 10 times more backlinks than the site ranked on the second spot. So it all depends on the first 3 to 5 sites listefor your targeted keyword.
  19. affiliate_onlinebiz

    Keywords and outranking competes Qs.

    If a domain name isn't available in the exact form of the targeted keyword you can use dashes. But no, it doesn't necessarily has to have the keyword in the domain to rank number 1. It depends a lot on the "on site" seo and the number and quality of the backlinks.
  20. affiliate_onlinebiz

    Problem with geographical google serp

    In you're probably ranking very low, maybe not even in the top 1000. You need to start building backlinks, if it's a keywords for which you stand a chance. And the tag you reffer to has nothing to do with your serp.
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