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    Chaturbate Rev Share vs $1 PPL

    Just ONE of my revshare leads made me $4000 plus and he is still spending till this day. If I was on PPL i would have only got $1 for him. You are crazy if you think PPL is better
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    Adult Tube Website 2018 - Whats Next?

    @Highr0ll34 This may have been mentioned already in the last 50 pages or so, but do you have a reliable way of finding porn LTKWs with enough monthly searches to make them worth going after?
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    How I got Xvidoes verified account in 24 hours without a model or own video

    I was able to do this successfully, thanks for the tip!
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    xVideos very less views?

    Whats the time frame here? Are the videos actually any good? A lot of factors go into something like that
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    Adult Tube Website 2018 - Whats Next?

    @Highr0ll34 would you mind telling us what free video provider you use? Those rates look great
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    Like Horny People Don't Type Domain Anymore

    I cant believe people eat ass, but they do its all over Pornhub lol
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    Like Horny People Don't Type Domain Anymore

    Trust me, I dont know how or why, but people are definitely typing in domains from porn videos.
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    Anyone else hate buying domains and get anxiety when doing it?

    Probably because you are humming and hawwing over a $10 domain, idk lol
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    Beware- WPS player Not Playing Pornhub videos

    WPS player strips Pornhub’s advertising and replaces it with your Pornhub makes nothing while you make money from their videos using their bandwidth. Not hard to see why they would want to block that
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    Is anyone having success with smaller porn uploading sites?

    Just assume i’m lying if it makes you feel better lol But seriously, I think it is the subscribers i’ve built up over the month and a half or so of that account being open. I have around 100 vids up and a few hundred subscribers now I think. I do agree with you in the sense that this probably...
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    Is anyone having success with smaller porn uploading sites?

    You can believe me or not, doesn’t change what happened and I get nothing out of trying to convince you. I’m just reporting what happened lol. Hearing your doubts does make me feel like I’m doing a REALLY good job with my process though
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    Adult Traffic Content Locker Network

    Oh nice, I will look into them as well!
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    Is anyone having success with smaller porn uploading sites?

    @+Warrior try uploading them manually, last night I uploaded one video and got 1000 views and 20 likes within an hour. I think building up subscribers is the key, as I see that I usually get 5 or 6 new subscribers per upload and the views to the rest of my vids and new vids increase accordingly.
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    Adult Traffic Content Locker Network

    I think he is looking for a network that allows content locking SPECIFICALLY for ADULT traffic, which 99% of networks do not allow. He is looking for that 1%...
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    Is anyone having success with smaller porn uploading sites?

    I would say it’s not Spankbang, it’s your videos or your descriptions, as hard as that may be to admit. I upload quality videos with less than a minute of effort each and easily reach thousands of views in a week, an avg of 2000 views/video/week. So Spankbang doesn’t suck compared to thousands...
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    Is anyone having success with smaller porn uploading sites?

    Spankbang does OK for me. Roughly a third of xvids traffic comes back to my sites. Of course, this could be different for everyone. Curious to see if others have any sites to add...
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    Get invite to 120k Followers Pinterest Group Boards

    I would like to buy access to individual boards as well, if possible. Thanks
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    POLL: Link to chaturbate sign-up page or main page/best converting cam offer?

    I send them directly to the model page of the girl they saw in my video/pic or whatever. Converts pretty decent. I also use a whitelabel.
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    ✅ [FREE GIVEAWAY] Merch By Amazon T-Shirt Designs ✅

    I’ll take a design...if I’m impressed I will even buy more from you if that’s cool!
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    What's the most amount of money you've made in 1 day online?

    ME: sees title of post and enters ready to boast about big numbers EVERYONE: posting $x,xxx numbers ME: *quietly exits*
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