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  1. YoungGuns

    [GOLD MINE!] Amazon Drop Shipping Training - Earn 4 figures in two weeks or less!

    Welcome back, BHW. Thought I would peep in, as I haven't been here since I was a teenager and thought I would peep in. I have a few questions: 1. How much time can somebody reasonably intelligent expect to put into finding items to sell using this software per X amount of profit per month...
  2. YoungGuns

    The true size of porn sites Revealed!!

    I see what they did there.
  3. YoungGuns

    How to market/increase business of a pawn shop?

    Create a payday loan CPA offer?
  4. YoungGuns

    GoDaddy is Busted

    Not to even mention that their CEO hunts elephants: I'm not against hunting, but hunting elephants is really really scummy.
  5. YoungGuns

    Hot New WSO Offline Method - WSO of the Day

    *disclaimer: I barely watched a few seconds of the video. I have mixed thoughts on phony street beggers. I'd say that people tend to feel better about themselves after donating money to help someone (even though donating to them actually harms them a lot of the time), so in a twisted way...
  6. YoungGuns

    What would you carry with you into the apocalypse.

    I'm pretty sure they'd be a massive(r) market for meth-especially in Tennessee. (kidding-or am I?) After all, if everyone is dying soon anyways, what's immoral about it? If it was what I consider a true apocalyptic scenario-which is everyone dying soon no matter what-I'd probably use some...
  7. YoungGuns

    Anyone know about Business lists sales?

    There's several legit list providers. is one that I can think of off the top of my head. I don't know about businesses, but with personal mailing lists you can get very picky about the type of demographic you want. If you're just calling a few of them up or whatever...
  8. YoungGuns

    My first car

    I can back up about destroying your first manual transmission. I completely destroyed the clutch and transmission in my beat up Infiniti I30 (2nd car ever, first manual) in less than 10K miles. If you're made of money (anybody looking at cars in the $30k-$40k range definitely should be), Buy...
  9. YoungGuns

    [POLL] Do you think anyone from the US uses the "God Bless USA" avatar?

    Na, I completely understand having no social life ')
  10. YoungGuns

    [POLL] Do you think anyone from the US uses the "God Bless USA" avatar?

    I can't see anybody from the US asking this question. Although, I do live in the bible belt.
  11. YoungGuns

    Completely random Question: Does anyone on bhw have more kids than me?

    Depends on what day you check the dungeon.
  12. YoungGuns

    Any CPA site for 16 year olds?

    I got into sites before I was 16 I think. They never ask for your age when they call you, although you do got to sound like you vaguely know what you're talking about. I did use my dad's name, BUT they had no idea it was his name and he never communicated with them in any way. Basically, I...
  13. YoungGuns

    What Country Are You From?
  14. YoungGuns

    How To Get SEO LEADS ($100 for a GOOD answer)

    My idea was the best :p
  15. YoungGuns

    How To Get SEO LEADS ($100 for a GOOD answer)

    You can either hire telemarketers and pay by the lead or buy leads from telemarketing companies. This is really the best source for this kind of info and can get you a lot better answers than anybody here (I don't telemarket, but I've read up on it on this site)...
  16. YoungGuns

    Happy 80th Johnny Cash! - "Ain't no grave can hold my body down"

    Johnny Cash is awesome, and I don't even like most country. I had a teacher in high school that babysat his kids and taught him the piano.
  17. YoungGuns

    Search ALL of Craigslist sites with one site? Awesome website for craigslist. Couldn't really ask for better. And yes, you can filter prices, section, distance from you, etc.
  18. YoungGuns

    The Best Rapper Alive?

    I agree. He's way too hip for anybody in this thread to handle.
  19. YoungGuns

    So who's got ADD/ADHD?
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