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  1. fulleclipse

    Facebook Like Exchange ? is a good one as well.
  2. fulleclipse

    Facebook comment likes??

    yes it is fairly new, but as with most sites like these it does not take very long to get a high user base.
  3. fulleclipse

    Facebook comment likes??

    You can use a service like and add any link for facebook page/picture/comment for likes.
  4. fulleclipse

    Ok Need to know...

    Well I guess what I was wanting to know is if this is a good start or what? My online ventures in the past never really required a sustained website., so this is my first go at it.
  5. fulleclipse

    Ok Need to know...

    So I just got back into marketing again after almost 2 yrs off.. I know...A big part of me wishes I would have stayed in the game as now I feel like I am stuck on playing catchup. So anyhow, I realized I had 1 domain that was still active and usable in my godaddy account. grabed me a server...
  6. fulleclipse

    Social Engineering Sandisk for 36GB USB

    - rep for wasting forum space.
  7. fulleclipse

    Need facebook viral fanpage like script

    Well I took the suggestions that you made OP and am having this coded by my programmer as soon as I get more info I will let you know.
  8. fulleclipse

    Competent Account Creator Needed

    I need someone competent and reliable who makes NON PVA CL accounts at a decent price. I have dealt with a few people on these boards and have not been overly impressed. If you make accounts for CL then please contact me via pm and we will go from there. If you are unable to make these with a...
  9. fulleclipse

    Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo Accounts for Sale --- Fastest Delivery

    Well I ordered a test amount of CL accounts w/gmails(100). Of course I was told the same as everyone here "Delivery in 24hrs".. And just like everyone else they were not delivered in 24hrs, So I sent 2 emails and 1 AIM message. I understand the dude prolly got in a bit over his head with...
  10. fulleclipse

    maxbounty down?

    I just checked one of my links and ya stop sending traffic to them till you can get there site to show as I clicked one of my offers link and the merchants site went haywire something fierce. Well one of the two I checked was not working at all...hmm messed up
  11. fulleclipse

    New E-Cig Info I Believe Now

    Just throwing this out there... Why become and affiliate...what is the point. Your not making the full potential amount you could be, your getting a portion...why not go for the full? Hell in a 2 min time on the g00gle you could find half a dozen GOOD dropshippers for these products and sell...
  12. fulleclipse Vs. Hide My IP

    To Hell with them both.....get DSL easier, faster, more reliable...I had IP rental for a month was able to post for 4 days,,,,was not worth the money at all.
  13. fulleclipse

    Acai is dead! what's the next hot thing?

    LOL I thought Acai dropped off for a bit so I stopped promoting it, just as a test the other day I posted 1 ad in 1 city results - 8 clicks-2 sales...far from dead...
  14. fulleclipse

    AM Loses His Mind (With me on the phone)

    Still that is some major BS tho just because he is a member at a BH forum, and there is not proff of anything wrong with the campaign and the advertiser is not having an issue does not give this felonious bone hocker the right to boot him, what a jackass...
  15. fulleclipse

    i need 1000 gmail accounts asap!

    KOD I sent you a couple pm's , please if you can check your box.
  16. fulleclipse

    This Facebook CPA thing. Isn't it illegal?

    Sounds like the big G does not like redirects...I personally would not know as I don't PPC. But that is what it sounds like.
  17. fulleclipse

    How do I convert a DOC to PDF without losing all my embedded links?

    Yup I was about to suggest that as well, it is what I have used many times for the same purpose.
  18. fulleclipse

    Need ppl to help me. $40 each! Noob Friendly Job

    Man if you were asking for leads just come out and ask, but 9/10 times people are not going to fill out a lead for you with their cc...and then get slammed in 2 weeks when the trial or "introductory period" ends. At least come to get leads for something that pays well and does not require a CC...
  19. fulleclipse

    Magic Jack Question?????

    No problem glad I could be of some kind of help to ya :P Now if there is a way to change numbers frequently with it that is something I would be interested in. If you and CL accepted the numbers would be a great way to make some PVA's :P
  20. fulleclipse

    ** EXCLUSIVE - Harro Talks with Google **

    Well I just spent the last 10 minutes drying my keyboard enough to still use it...good thing I was just drinking water and not my normal dew or I would be off to walmart to get a new one....that is pure epic WIN!!!
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