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    [JV] Join a Thriving YouTube Bot Network Venture!

    Interested, have built a couple of YouTube Automation bots in the past and have an extensive knowledge in Python. Send me a PM please :)
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    [JOURNEY] Transparent Digital Agency Journey

    Update - 16.05.2023. Well hello BHW! It's been a while, I had a few bad clients which set me back quite a bit and lose faith. Now I have 2 signed clients which are awesome to work with. Things are moving smoothly and I am mostly working on creating a brand, expanding it, and focusing on...
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    [Journey] Fresh OF Agency - A Total Beginners Journey

    Day 7 As you see there is a discrepancy with the update schedule. Well, Instagram decided it would be a good time to take down my IG and I had to wait for a while. In the mean time my partner came up with a great method which I think nobody has yet tried -- at least not on the forums. And we...
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    Help me Im Heartbroken

    Going through pretty much the same situation. Just gotta let it go if it affects you and your work. You are young and your prime is yet to come. So just say to yourself "it iss what it iss" and carry on. In words of Future: "Chase a check (Chase it), never chase a bitch (Don't chase no bitches)"
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    [Journey] Fresh OF Agency - A Total Beginners Journey

    Thank you! I am currently doing cold DMs. I would be interested in recruiting models that haven't started (from dates, etc.) TikTok could be a possibility for outreach and traffic. Shoot me a DM we can link up. Thank you! The fight continues hehe Sent it again.
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    [Journey] Fresh OF Agency - A Total Beginners Journey

    Thank you! I sent you a PM.
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    [Journey] Fresh OF Agency - A Total Beginners Journey

    Day 1 And so it begins. Gonna do a brief update of what I have currently done. Created content for my IG and made it more professional and legit Created a linktree to put all my contacts, socials, etc. until my website is done Couldn't send DMs since IG has hit me with a temp restriction...
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    [Journey] Fresh OF Agency - A Total Beginners Journey

    I am just in the process of making the page professional and legit. Wouldn't really be looking into monetization considering I would be running the accounts of OF girls. Thank you!
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    [Journey] Fresh OF Agency - A Total Beginners Journey

    Thank you mate. No models hired rn. Considering OF and payment, we both have access to OF and I have the access to payments. For promotion it really depends from model to model. I will mostly be looking into Reddit as I had quite a bit of success from it on my other projects but as I said I...
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    [Journey] Fresh OF Agency - A Total Beginners Journey

    Hey BHW, Hope everyone is doing well. So me and my friend wanted to start an OF agency, and considering I have quit my job and had time on my hands I can put into good use. I said why the F not. I am currently reading guides and getting myself informed but it seems to be a straight forward...
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    [JOURNEY] Transparent Digital Agency Journey

    Update - 11.03.2023. Hey BHW, Been quite a busy few weeks for me and I managed to get some cold calls in. Current stats: - 50 Cold calls done - 3 Interested So far there is a lot of friction. But getting lubed up and starting to be better and better. I am looking forward to get some clients...
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    What is your favourite game.ever?

    The 3D era GTA games. GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas. So many memories and also gave me a great taste for music :D
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    [YouTube Cash Cow Automation Empire] Journey to $30k/month with YouTube Adsense

    This is such an incredible and inspiring journey. It really shows you that persistence and hard work pay off. I will be following you into the far future. Good luck!
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    Starting first journey with laser engraving/cutting || 100% newbie at this

    Currently working as a CNC Laser operator. Always thought about something like this as there is definitely a demand and with enough creativity you can make anything. Following your journey and good luck!
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    It's been a good day

    Congratulations man! Wishing you all the best :D
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    [JOURNEY] Transparent Digital Agency Journey

    Thank you! Currently just more planning, prospecting, and cold emailing.
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