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  1. k4pow21

    Can anyone still create bulk GMB’s?

    It’s been a long year with google being all pissy when it comes to Gmb’s (nothing seems to working for bulk verifications). Have you got a method or can you supply listings?
  2. k4pow21

    Google releasing a large update today

    Quite a few of my old sites that have been stagnant and somewhere nowhere to be found in the google abyss have made a leap up in rankings. Found several of them on page 1 and a few even pos 1..... here’s hoping it’s not just a short lived anomaly. these sites used to outperform the competition...
  3. k4pow21

    Can you remove gmb’s

    Hi all. So I’m looking for a tried and tested method of removing GMB listings. looking to remove 4 permanently. They are not my listings and I don’t have email logins so that’s not an option. anyone know to do this and willing to share your method with me please? help a guy out please thank you
  4. k4pow21

    Can I get quality relevant back links from freebies

    So I’ve got an idea... help me out here please. I’m considering getting an animated (top tier) logo designed and created. To some extent customisable with regards to company name and phone number etc.. and I want to give it away to companies in the same niche industry as me all around the...
  5. k4pow21

    Hello people. I like to introduce myself

    Hey Dragos. Join to learn and share
  6. k4pow21

    How to leave feedbacks for gmb’s please

    I’d like to leave regular reviews for my many gmb’s. I have gmail accounts and 3 devices to use. What I’d like to know, is how do I go about using the same devices to leave hundreds of feedbacks without causing problems for my gmb’s or risking my feedbacks. All advice gratefully accepted. Thanks
  7. k4pow21

    Domain value

    Is there still value in domains? I registered some pretty good (going back a few years) domains like enhancementsurgery etc so they are searchable terms without locations. move let quite a few of them expire recently. mare they worth trying to sell on?
  8. k4pow21

    Feedbacks please

    So I’m looking for someone to do google feedbacks. I don’t want loads all at once, but rather a few for each listing per month. So I have 10 map listings and want about 10 per listing per month. I’d like to make this a permanent/ semi permanent arrangement. they must stick and not be connected...
  9. k4pow21

    making money from money

    I doubt you’ll get much of a return in 2 months. Far more likely to lose a lot or all of it. If doubling your money was that easy, everyone would be minted writhing a few years
  10. k4pow21


    Never accidentally sent to wrong address, but frequently intentionally send to other people’s addresses lol. I find suitable places (flats and small office blocks) where the postman drops off the post in the communal area. after a few days I go check for my post... piece of
  11. k4pow21

    GMB optimisation wanted.

    I have several dozen gmb’s and this number is increasing. im looking for someone that can optimise these listings for me and possibly maintain them on a regular basis. I’m only looking for someone that has actual experience doing this or is keen to learn and willing to put in the hours...
  12. k4pow21

    GMB management

    hi . I hope this is in the rite place/category. Anyone know of or have a system to manage multiple GMB listings that have different emails addresses? I have some gmb’s that I’m adding articles to regularly but it’s hugely time consuming having to log in and out to each account to put an article...
  13. k4pow21

    Google update carnage

    i hope this is the correct place to ask this question/ these questions. So recently google did a bit of a tweak and update... this appears to have caused havoc for quite a lot of people here in uk. From what I have experienced and from what everyone I have spoken to have said, all had a huge...
  14. k4pow21

    UK Amateur New to Internet Marketing!

    You’re better off down south, those Scots talk funny
  15. k4pow21

    [WTN] Benefits of being a Jr.VIP

    I’d be happy with cookies and warm milk.... just saying
  16. k4pow21

    Removing Negative Google Reviews [Field Test]

    For me the 1 star actually makes my feedback record look more realistic as it’s my only bad feedback. So my rating is 4.9. But for others in my area (the competition), it’s hit some of them hard as they mostly only have a few feedbacks or in some cases his bad feedback is their only feedback...
  17. k4pow21

    Removing Negative Google Reviews [Field Test]

    I’ve tried several times to remove 1 star ratings from a local guide account. Some guy is leaving 1 star reviews in my area for my industry. It’s obvious what he’s doing and which listing he is associated with. He has given 5 star rating to one GMB listing in the industry and a load of 1...
  18. k4pow21

    Switching Niche

    I didn’t even realise these different sections exist until I read this post. Well I know now.
  19. k4pow21

    Wish me LUCK

    Gotta start somewhere.... go get em
  20. k4pow21

    Jensen BlackHat GMB Chat

    I think a number of guys are struggling to do new gmb’s now. Had 2 guys doing for me, but both been hit by I think a google update and now they are really struggling to do new listings. If anyone can still do them, I’d like to hear from you. I need some in uk.
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