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  1. torment obelisk

    9-5 Job > IM

    God damn your are sooooo ducking right!!!
  2. torment obelisk

    Best way to invest $10k-30k ?

    Put it in my bank account
  3. torment obelisk

    networks with survey type content lockers

    Looking for networks with survey type (Not mobile apps or anything like that) content lockers that does not require previous earning proofs. Is there such a thing?
  4. torment obelisk

    "Safest" place to keep your passwords?

    Pen and paper. Won't be hacked ever
  5. torment obelisk

    Legit raffles - help

    Hey, I would like to create raffles and make people completing surveys\content lockers for them. I want to do it legit, meaning I will ACTUALLY select a winner randomly and provide the prize money. Any good CPA network that allows this type? Of course that people will know that it's a raffle...
  6. torment obelisk

    Best way to monetize adult subreddits?

    How much exactly do you know? Thanks
  7. torment obelisk

    Best way to monetize adult subreddits?

    Guys im terribly sorry to hijack the thread, but will someone explain to me how to open a new subreddit of my own? Joined 3 days ago to reddit and commented once a day on different subs. Still have 1 karma tho... Am I able to open a new sub?
  8. torment obelisk

    My CPA Journey as a Beginner

    What is ogads' skype please? @DimCrack
  9. torment obelisk

    Anyone from PropellerAds around here?

    Would love to get your Skype for my site approval. Thanks
  10. torment obelisk

    Quize plugin problems

    This is what you meant? @realtimedata
  11. torment obelisk

    Is there a CPA section

    here on BHW? I would love to ask some questions, but don't know where to do that
  12. torment obelisk

    Quize plugin problems

    Hello everyone, Can someone that owns the plugin help me please? I'm creating lots of quizzes for my site and upload them, but when I test the quizzes and solve them all the way to the end (Let's say 20 questions), it doesn't show me in the end that I scored X amount of points out of 20, but...
  13. torment obelisk

    [REVIEWERS] Ultimate Movie Streaming Guide To Riches | Make Thousands $$$ in Passive Income)

    interested!! Even though i'm not a JR VIP, I can assure you that i'll provide a very detailed and thorough review about the E-book WITHIN THE TIME LIMIT!! Thanks in advance!
  14. torment obelisk

    Productivity tips to kill procrastination and some random wisdom

    1. You're Late 2. You're Late 3. You're Late 4. You're Late 5029384. You're Late Did I get the idea?
  15. torment obelisk


    Can someone recommend a fast and reliable hosting service for my website? My current one is extremely slow when working in the back-end (Admin). Thanks!
  16. torment obelisk

    Try these ad networks to make real money

    Yes would also love to know please advice @Mr Positive
  17. torment obelisk

    If you have a blog -> Make money with this METHOD.

    I read it a few times slowly, really tried to understand the mindset but failed to do so... Can someone explain it to me?
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