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  1. skadoosh

    Is it profitable to buy this twitter account?

    Unless you tell us the account then you're not going to get any credible answers.
  2. skadoosh

    Can Someone Give Me Followers So I Can Follow Again

    You're not going to get anything for free. 3,000 bot followers will cost about the same as a cup of coffee. If you aren't even willing to shell that out then you're going to have a tough time making money in the long run.
  3. skadoosh

    MyLikes alternatives?

    Creating your own gallery site and monetizing with adsense is irrefutably the most profitable way to monetize Twitter (unless you have a targeted niche that respond well to cpa offers). It's quite time consuming to build the site, create unique articles, and get adsense approved, though. Also...
  4. skadoosh

    Twitter Account

    You could try the bhw marketplace. I'd suggest contacting accounts in the niche you're interested in purchasing and asking if they have or know of any accounts for sale. Most accounts have an email in their bio where you can contact them. Be sure to do your research before purchasing. Ask if...
  5. skadoosh

    Getting a lot of retweets

    That's how I started my Twitter network. Main one's at ~580k and the rest are pretty worthless. Just make sure it's a profitable niche before you spend all that time developing them.
  6. skadoosh

    i have software for social networks and i search partners who can give me more accounts.

    Are you the same guy who can make me $3000 on reddit for a $5 investment?
  7. skadoosh

    any service to retweet and remove links from retweets?

    I'm pretty sure that's impossible. It would mean you could essentially change the content of a tweet and pass it off as the original. so: @barackobama: Speak up for a fair hearing for Judge Merrick Garland: http://ofa(dot)bo/gA4N #DoYourJob rewteet @BarackObama: I THINK SLAVERY WAS COOL...
  8. skadoosh

    how much to charge for retweets? 200k followers, 30-40k impressions?

    I'm calling bullshit. I don't believe you gained 800,000 followers in 12 days as your posts claim. That's around the rate people like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift grow. I also don't believe these are real followers. Selling retweets is the least profitable method for accounts with a large...
  9. skadoosh

    somebody scammed me...revenge on social media?

    When I was first getting into the Twitter business back in 2011 I was scammed for $300 trying to buy promotions. I knew the scammers real name so naturally I kept up with him over the years. Around 2 years after the scamming incident I noticed his adsense gallery site was have quite a bit of...
  10. skadoosh

    Best place to buy engaged Twitter followers?

    You can't buy people who will engage with your content. People are lying when they say their followers are engaging. Unless someone comes across your account organically and is interested in your content then they won't engage with it for shit.
  11. skadoosh

    32K Twitter for $75, good deal??

    The deck is worth more than the account for sure, however spammy it may be. This account wasn't built to be successful; it was built and grown to be sold. It's a nicheless (google told me that's a real word :o) account with exclusively untargeted followers. I'd encourage you to shop around more...
  12. skadoosh

    How to earn from an account with 6,5k followers?

    What niche? That will have a huge effect on earning potential.
  13. skadoosh

    Looking for someone with a big Twitter following.

    I have a 520k account. Hmu with the details.
  14. skadoosh

    2014 Twitter Verification Information

    Who is right? Of course what? Gotta boost that post count I guess. Also, I know this thread was gravedigged(gravedug?), but I'm calling bullshit on OP. I've seen fucking teenagers with legitimate access to the verification forms. Also, it's still possible to get verified by claiming people are...
  15. skadoosh

    How to monetize Snapchat?

    1,000 views isn't nearly enough to be monetizable unless it's super niche, and even then it's pushing it. No one's gonna give you anything for free.
  16. skadoosh

    How is Uberfacts making money?

    As the homies before me said, that's definitely a Mylikes site and it definitely brings in some money. I wouldn't be too worried about Kris. 11 million followers can easily bring in 30,000-40,000 per click, his app, ubertap, is successful as shit, and his uberfacts Instagram will reach 1 million...
  17. skadoosh

    Huge Twitter Ban Spree

    Not trying to sound like a dick, but owning 40 accounts is kinda spammy in and of itself.
  18. skadoosh

    Huge Twitter Ban Spree

    I don't do mass follow/unfollow or any of that spammy stuff. I was talking more about legitimate power accounts.
  19. skadoosh

    Going on 3-4 weeks with a suspended account... WTF?

    What kind of account was it? Niche, follower amount, etc.
  20. skadoosh

    Huge Twitter Ban Spree

    This shit is terrifying. Is the ban spree still going on? None of my accounts have been affected and I don't trade so I haven't heard much about it. Also, from the accounts posted that were banned, it seems like they primarily posted images. Would it be safer to stick to just text?
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