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  1. J

    Can you spare me 5 mins of your time?

    Voted. And good luck with the competition. :D
  2. J

    New type of scam?? Confusing shit

    I'll be honest, I only read the first few paragraphs, but uhh.. What are you expecting? A real blonde Russian named Kseniya to pop up at your doorstep and become your serious lover?
  3. J

    WTH - Someone to create videos related to video games

    Hmm... i can do it, i play like crazy :D i can provide high quality vids too, only problem is; i dont have any vids on youtube right now, so do i have to make one and upload it then i can apply for the job?
  4. J

    Banner Creation

    Sending PM
  5. J

    Youtube views / comments / Favourites

    I can offer comments, faves, ratings, and subs no views though. Sending pm
  6. J

    Will this put my legit Youtube accounts in jeopardy?

    Try using proxies, or if your still scared, i recommend buying accounts from trusted members.
  7. J

    WTB A Bunch of Cockroaches

    So you tryin to 'thank' your gf for cheatin on you or something? :P
  8. J

    $20 for a new logo.

    I'm up for it :) Pm sent
  9. J

    How to BH your way to 100 million USD

    Hmm, for some evil and twisted reason, this has given me an idea :D
  10. J

    Youtube services

    How about flagging videos? :D
  11. J

    Anyone feel guilty downloading free stuff when it works?

    Hmm, i don't have a conscience what so ever :D
  12. J

    Getting laid through an adult site...

    Meeting people online, bleh, i have a few friends who did it though, worked well for them.
  13. J

    Where to sell homemade adult videos?

    Hahahaha, i second that :)
  14. J

    Do You Do This Crap?!?

    Yeah but, what are you gonna do?
  15. J

    Have a strong reality OR be a pawn and cry.

    "You have been warned" xD what horror movie have you been watching?
  16. J

    100th post dedicated to my Friend Oscar.

    Awww, i know how i felt when my cat of 8 years died (about 3 weeks ago). But the puppy dog face on oscar is priceless. R.I.P Oscar, but life goes on =)
  17. J

    $10 For The Person Who Posts The Best Joke.

    Alright well here's another joke.. hope you get it: A blonde and 2 brunettes escape from jail.. They found a farmhouse which they got into to hide from the cops, inside the farmhouse there were three potato sacks. Each one of them got into a potato sack. Then 2 cops came to the farmhouse, 1...
  18. J

    $10 For The Person Who Posts The Best Joke.

    A man gets plastic surgery to look younger (he's 46 years old). After the surgery is done, he's really impressed with the way he looks. As he walks home he stops by a newspaper stand, buys the paper, and asks the guy "How old do you think i am?" The guy replies with "Hmm.. 35?" The man feels...
  19. J

    drugs yay or nay?

    My opinion: I dont think drugs are cool.
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