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  1. erfg12

    Commenting on other videos

    I've seen some people comment on my videos "hey, check out my channel i do similar videos" and they are automatically sent to my spam folder. Why is that?
  2. erfg12

    Skype group for YouTube

    Only join if you want to share videos, and help others grow their channels.
  3. erfg12

    I need your help

    And do good titles, tags, descriptions and thumbnails. As well as high quality video (1080p or 4k), tripod for stabilization, external mic, lighting, write a script and learn video editing software like Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas or Final Cut Pro. That's it! Super Easy!
  4. erfg12

    WTF is going on with YT

    How are your thumbnails? Maybe use TubeBuddy Chrome extension to help generate some tags for your videos.
  5. erfg12

    [giveaway] 5 x 555 x 3 days USA visitor

    Showed up on my Google Analytics. Got all 500 views, exactly as ordered. Good job!
  6. erfg12

    Youtuber Startup

    It kinda sounds like you just want to start a blog while linking back from youtube. Maybe this thread is more fitting for the blog thread unless you have questions more about YouTube itself.
  7. erfg12

    Struggling to grow gaming related channel.

    Without seeing your channel, I have to say what makes good quality clickable videos: Thumbnails are 80% important and 20% having an interesting/intriguing title. My thumbnails consist of 3 things... 1) Having a mascot, avatar, symbol or just a picture of yourself off to the side of the...
  8. erfg12

    [giveaway] 5 x 555 x 3 days USA visitor

    Alright, i'll try it. Send me a PM and I'll reply with my url.
  9. erfg12

    Struggling to grow gaming related channel.

    If you wanna send me your channel URL I can check it out and give you my opinion.
  10. erfg12

    Slowly losing my mind...

    Listen to some positive up-beat music, go for a walk outside for a bit and when you come back in you'll feel great.
  11. erfg12

    Reached 1.000 Subscribers after more than a year need help!

    I think YouTube really wants to see weekly uploads. Some will do 2 a week. Daily is somewhat unnecessary at times, but I guess it depends what you're uploading. I used to upload once a month or every 2 months and I just reached 403 subs, 242,000 views, 573,187 watchtime. So yeah, my subs suck...
  12. erfg12

    SKYPE YOUTUBE GROUP! Active & Small

    add me
  13. erfg12

    Free REAL YouTube Subscribers

    Can't send a PM for some reason. Can you send me a PM?
  14. erfg12

    successful giveaways

    How can I do a successful Steam games giveaway? Just started the giveaway yesterday. I have 4k Twitter followers, 400 youtube subs, 2.5k daily blog visitors and 20 emails in my mailing list. In my newest youtube video Description I listed 13 Steam games to giveaway. My only requirement was...
  15. erfg12

    Should I Use Presentations To review a Product !

    As an avid YouTube creator and viewer I would NEVER click on your links or watch that video for more than 2 seconds. It would just be a waste of your time making them and my time viewing them. Why don't you ACTUALLY review products? It's not that difficult. Grab something around your house...
  16. erfg12

    Free Youtube Views, Subs, Likes, Comments

    To add my video to their viewing queue... 209 seconds for 65 views = 1358 credits and I CONSTANTLY get this annoying 552 error message. It says that the connection to their server is going down. This happens every 10 seconds.
  17. erfg12

    Free Youtube Views, Subs, Likes, Comments

    Got the 1100 credits, thanks.
  18. erfg12

    [Giveaway] Giving Away 5000+ EASY Rank Longtail Keywords

    ok, I'll take some keywords.
  19. erfg12

    Free Youtube Views, Subs, Likes, Comments

    ok registered now. I only see 100 points though.
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