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  1. VortexAlpha

    Website Ranking

    After that amount of time, it's definitely possible to get to the first position in Google, with a lot of effort and work on site optimization, its fast-loading, navigation, structure, implementation of quality keywords, adding relevant backlinks on the site, and so on.
  2. VortexAlpha

    Hgh DA but no traffic website's backlink

    Yes, it's not worth buying their backlinks if they don't generate any traffic you won't be able to get conversions no matter if their reputation is high, so stick with the ones that have some traffic.
  3. VortexAlpha

    Email goes into spam folder, how to avaid and how to know?

    You are usually getting some notifications about it, it's not a problem to figure that out, or there are even some extensions that you can include in the email and that will give you similar information. The way for you to avoid it would be to always check emails before yo start sending them out...
  4. VortexAlpha

    Does Negative SEO Work?

    I don't know if it works or not, I guess it can work, but it's not something I would use or would recommend you using it. In general, Negative SEO refers to the use of some malicious tactics on competitors' sites to damage their reputation on Google and steal search engine rankings for important...
  5. VortexAlpha

    Earn Money using Youtube easy

    Looks like something that could work in some parts at least, I don't usually like fake clickbait and using content from others, but in today's world, it's so common that it's not necessary to talk too much about that since profit is the ultimate goal. I like the part where you mentioned that...
  6. VortexAlpha

    How to start Email marketing

    I understand this can be confusing from time to time, but if you watched so many tutorials and read guides, you should at least have some basics about this by now. I will try to briefly answer you based on my personal experiences, but this is really something you have to test and try to find the...
  7. VortexAlpha

    Consumers feel used by market

    FB has had some problems in attracting a new audience for quite a time now, and I think the reason for it lies in the fact that there weren't some significant changes made there lately, so many things are repetitive, and the same goes for ads. They often lack some originality and that's why...
  8. VortexAlpha

    The Dangers of Affiliate Marketing?

    If you manage to be really successful in the affiliate marketing business and if you manage to catch some tricks, it won't ever be something completely risky for you. Of course, this business just like many others carries some risks and sometimes things don't go as expected but that's just a...
  9. VortexAlpha

    Tags on wordpress blog posts?

    I would say that tags have more value in terms of users themselves as they actually help them navigate through the site more easily and they serve as some kind of guidelines to them that give them an opportunity to find more easily related articles and discover more some topic. But in terms of...
  10. VortexAlpha

    Stolen content situation

    I really don't think you should be worried that much about this, as I didn't hear yet that someone sued another person for that kind of a thing, as usually people that ask you for writing guest posts on your site, really want to do that and they don't have any other activity in mind, neither...
  11. VortexAlpha

    Website not secure

    It may happen that Google doesn't recognize HTTPS redirection and that it automatically lead users to the HTTP version if you included both of them on the site. That's why you are getting messages that the website isn't secure as it recognizes that version first. Yiu need to set up that site...
  12. VortexAlpha

    what niches are important

    That depends highly on the specific niche that you will choose, and which one or ones will be the best for you, you will have o find out by doing some thorough research about the market where you want to operate your business in, and on the number of competitors that you would face in your way...
  13. VortexAlpha

    Creating link of my blog post in forum comment

    It can definitely have some impact on faster indexing, but that's only if you post on forums that allow these kinds of activities and that won't ban you for placing links from your site, so you first need to read guidelines before you start doing it. Also, even if this is something that will be...
  14. VortexAlpha

    Keyword Ranking Tools Recommendation

    There are a lot of them really, especially nowadays so the choice isn't that easy any more and you need to dig deeper the find the most suitable one. You have some free tools for researching keywords and their performances like Google Keywords Planner, KWFinder, Keywords everywhere extension...
  15. VortexAlpha

    Google Ads VS SEO Agencies

    I don't see why it wouldn't, it's not some forbidden tactic and method so don't think really there would be any problems in doing something like this, I guess you would only need to take care of the keywords you are using and make sure to they don't contain some forbidden word that can get your...
  16. VortexAlpha

    Improve Website Traffic?

    There are really a bunch of different ways in which you could improve traffic on your site, and the recommendation is to use more of them at once as that will bring you the quickest results. Also, you can combine some organic methods like promoting your site extensively on social media and other...
  17. VortexAlpha

    How many of you have given up on online money making?

    To be quite honest here, I don't really see how and why would someone give up earning money online, it's not like you are stuck just with one job that's pretty specific and then you decide to move on from it as it didn't give you expected results. There are a bunch of different online businesses...
  18. VortexAlpha

    How to monetize online news site

    I would say that you could try to sell ads spaces to some other companies that would be willing to advertise on your site or to join some affiliate network and try to find advertisers that way, as a new site is often a suitable place for placing a different kind of offers and it doesn't need to...
  19. VortexAlpha

    lots of rejected creatives and blocks on facebook ads

    I guess you are promoting a niche and a product that isn't in compliance with Facebook guidelines and that's why you are getting your ads rejected. You will probably need to move from Facebook and try to promote your products in some other way, probably on some digital platforms or networks that...
  20. VortexAlpha

    How to make money online without investment?

    I understand your situation and I'm sorry you had to go through all of it, but try to look at it as something that will make you stronger. The process of earning money online isn't always the easy one and it's expected that you face some challenges along the way but the first thing you need to...
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