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  1. Fendorian

    Embedding map
  2. Fendorian

    Best niches on instagram 2023

    Could be, you can simply check that one by typing the username on instagram and see how much are those botted already, if you see 50+ same/similair usernames you will have a harder time scaling, at least that's my experience so far.
  3. Fendorian

    Best niches on instagram 2023

    Make a double niche, or triple. I don't know how to explain it better but for example make a specific breed with a bit of twist, for example GSP police dogs. Double niche is today I think also saturated, it could get a bit harder to scale cuz overall audience will be a bit smaller. But it's way...
  4. Fendorian

    I'm looking for a reliable hosting for my website

    Please no, I have such a bad experience with daddy.
  5. Fendorian


    Welcome to BHW, wish you best luck! :D
  6. Fendorian

    Hola community !

    Welcome to the BHW! :D
  7. Fendorian


    Welcome to BHW, good luck on your future goals and ideas! :D
  8. Fendorian

    My Affiliate Journey - FROM 0$ TO 150$ MONTHLY !

    Good luck, truly realistic goal... Will follow :D
  9. Fendorian


    Welcome and good luck on your future journeys! :D
  10. Fendorian

    Is making your own custom site (html, css, php) worth for blog?

    I have an idea, since I know how web design generally works, I can make my own custom website with fully functional CMS and everything that I need to make a successful blog site. But the question is, is it worth it? Is it worth it put it much effort into something like that if there is little to...
  11. Fendorian

    New deaf member here!

    Big support, wish you best in BHW community... :D
  12. Fendorian

    New to BHW

    Welcome to BHW :D
  13. Fendorian

    Hello BHW!

    Welcome to BHW, much luck in your future journeys :D
  14. Fendorian

    Welcome me

    Since you have an experience, you will be great fit and possibly giving you opportunity to increase your knowledge here, have some future plans? Also welcome :D
  15. Fendorian

    Link Builder new in BHW

    Welcome to BHW, here you have plenty of content for link building you can learn from :D
  16. Fendorian


    Welcome to BHW! :D
  17. Fendorian

    Hi BHW fam!

    Welcome to BHW community, best of luck! :D
  18. Fendorian

    Lurker from long time ago but newbie by all means

    We're on a same page, good luck and be patient. Set a goal and stick to it :D
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