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  1. angelas111

    Need someone to write a batch file. details in post

    I need someone to write me a batch file that that can take a random value from the list and set it as an argument to use in the following command with arguments and then I need it to loop every 7 minutes and repeat. also I need it to close the batch file if an instance is running already so...
  2. angelas111

    Thoughts on Coronavirus?

    Nobody is talking about how to monetize this. I made some $$ back in the day from my swineflu blog. That had to be over 10 years ago.
  3. angelas111


    Does this enable me to make elite proxies that don't leak my ip?
  4. angelas111

    Facebook Ads Low CPC Campaigns

    Right now my cpc's are high and I think its because of all the ecom shopping ads for christmas. I expect it to go back down after the holidays.
  5. angelas111


    Couldn't you look aliexpress in various categories and sort by number of orders to get an idea?
  6. angelas111

    Bulk image screening analysis with amazon rekognition

    I'm downloading thousands of images on my local pc and then running rekogntion using python to organize and screen them (delete ones I don't want). Python uploads them to rekognition and then it returns the appropriate values which tells python what to do with the image. This saves me probably...
  7. angelas111

    Email creation bot

    I've been using he constantly updates and is very responsive for support. obviously not free though.
  8. angelas111

    How to make profit with Media Buying

    A tracker is an absolute must. Without one you may as well flush your money down the toilet.
  9. angelas111

    Watch out! Taboola will SWALLOW MONEY in your account!

    post in the affiliate groups on fb too
  10. angelas111

    Not Receiving PM Notifications via Email

    i had some difficulty yesterday with not receiving the pw reset email in yahoo. had to try like 4 times before the email came through.
  11. angelas111

    RIP Paypal

    I don't see what the big deal is. Any pp payments I get I withdraw to my checking account and any payments I make are taken from my checking account also. Only difference I see is that I cannot use my balance to send payments. Have to withdraw first.
  12. angelas111

    Water Filtration Systems Niche

    I haven't done any advertising in that niche but I'm a water filtration freak myself and have an r/o system. If this were my client I would post articles or studies showing the bad things in our water or that federal site that shows the water toxin reports for each city. Highlight how bad...
  13. angelas111

    If you use voluum I would stop because of this...

    I read that article yesterday. They made a rebuttal on their blog.
  14. angelas111

    [Journey] WebMinati's Methods to grow an Affiliate site to $1000 per day till Jan'2019

    This is why you should water down your traffic if you start converting really well because too high of conversion rates throw red flags and unwanted attention. Don't want a nosey aff manager digging into my stuff so they can steal my traffic source.
  15. angelas111

    Any Free Tracking Software Out There?

    doesn't prosper202 still have a free version?
  16. angelas111

    Shopify store & crypto payment only?

    Unless you are selling a crypto related product the results will be bad since only a small % of the population has crypto. I use both stripe and paypal in my ecom store and people use them roughly 50/50.
  17. angelas111

    myadtools closure / alternative tools? for email creation
  18. angelas111

    I need a product to promote to BizOpp leads

    there are more and more high paying crypto offers that can work well with this traffic
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