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    Will the new website have an advantage over the old one in same niche?

    Starting fresh with a new website doesn't necessarily give you an SEO advantage over your established site, especially since your current site already has built authority and a content foundation. Instead of launching a new domain, focus on revitalizing your old site.
  2. NeedMyLink

    Will Google stop indexing my website?

    Google won't stop indexing your site just because you don't manually request indexing for every new article via. Submitting your sitemap and having it updated regularly is usually enough for Google to crawl and index your content automatically.
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    Does a domain need an SSL to transfer equity in a 301 redirect?

    You should definitely install an SSL certificate on your old domain to properly redirect from https to https. Without SSL on the old domain, users and search engines encountering the https version will get a security warning.
  4. NeedMyLink

    Does AI Content Hurts SEO?

    Google values original content. If AI-generated content is poorly executed or overly generic, it might negatively impact your SEO due to lack of user engagement or being flagged as low-value content.
  5. NeedMyLink

    Expired Domain is working After Spam Update and March Core Update

    Yes, expired domains can still work after renewal, but you have to be careful. If you take an expired domain, make sure it has a clean profile.
  6. NeedMyLink

    Restored content on expiring domain is already getting indexed: safe to already place new articles on it?

    Since Google is actively indexing these URLs, it's a sign they recognize the domain's continued relevance. Adding new articles should be safe now.
  7. NeedMyLink

    SEO - Canonical Tag for Ecommerce Category Pages

    It's common to set up canonical tags for paginated category pages to point to the main category page. This consolidates link equity on a single URL and tells search engines that the main page is the most authoritative, helping to prevent dilution of ranking power across multiple similar pages.
  8. NeedMyLink

    If I don't build links, will my site be successful?

    You can definitely rank without it, especially in a niche focused on long-tail keywords. But links will help make ranking easier, the question is whether you want to spend the time
  9. NeedMyLink

    ZeroGPT or - are they any good for recovery?

    In my experience, these tools pick up even well-disguised AI text as they look for patterns in it that are not obvious to the average user. I most like to combine AI with something original, from myself.
  10. NeedMyLink

    Anyone know any Anime blogs that accept guest posts?

    Platforms like Twitter and Reddit, you'll often see this kind of thing there
  11. NeedMyLink

    Top 5 tools for building backlinks

    Top 5 tools for building backlinks Majestic: Simplify the analysis of your backlink profile. Canva: Use templates to create visual content that websites will love to share. Bright Local: Optimize your directory listing creation, submission, and management. Serpzilla: Secure backlinks with...
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    ✅ NICHE OUTREACH GUEST-POSTING ⚠️ Only Niche-Traffic Real Sites | No General Spammy Blogs

    Huge database update! NEW GENUINE sites for HEALTH, BUSINESS, HOME IMPROVEMENT, TECH, CRYPTO niches and more! Send me your niche and pick the sites you like You will get a good discount on content writing
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    How long it will take to rank in SERP?

    Hard to say exactly what's going on without digging into the specifics, but my first move would be to analyze those March winners/losers and see what they changed. Could be an on-page, technical, or link-building factor that the new algos are weighing differently. I'd also cross-reference with...
  15. NeedMyLink

    Need best reddit traffic method

    Start by becoming an active participant in the relevant subreddits. Post informative content and participate in discussions.
  16. NeedMyLink

    How can i seo comic, manga website

    Google's algorithm updates are increasingly penalizing sites that use such tactics. Instead, focus on creating unique and engaging content that fans of these genres would search for. This includes detailed reviews, character analyses, and thematic discussions.
  17. NeedMyLink

    Division of competitors

    The choice of competitors for analysis normally begins with the identification of direct and indirect competitors. Direct competitors are those who provide the same products or services, or target a similar audience, like you. They can be direct competitors, belonging to the same set of keywords...
  18. NeedMyLink

    Social networks

    While social signals aren’t a direct ranking factor, the increased visibility can lead to more searches for your brand and potentially result in higher organic traffic.
  19. NeedMyLink

    QUESTION - Is it okay to have virtually same backlinks portfolios for 2 of your sites in same niche?

    My suggestion would be to start diversifying the link profiles. Focus on building more natural, high-quality backlinks specific to each site, reducing the overlap, and phasing out reliance on any questionable PBNs.
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