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  1. J

    Your (moneytree) account has been temporarily suspended for suspicious activity.

    just generic ewhoring type stuff, its all over the forum already--- i dont have a specific secret method.
  2. J

    Your (moneytree) account has been temporarily suspended for suspicious activity.

    SexTracker MoneyTree just suspended me due to BH activity...I was using T.witter and f..acebook to pump up numbers. now they're pocketing $850 of my $$$$. i'm obviously searching for new opportunities and new affiliates/moves that are OK with BH activity...but i just wanted to let the forum...
  3. J

    [Twitter] Mass Account Management

    ready for this ^^^^^^^^ to happen-- i too got burned by tweetlater/social oomph...
  4. J

    Free Twitter Automation- your rec's

    I was using social oomph aka tweetlater, but they delete yr free account after a few days. What do you guys like?
  5. J

    P90x Supplier

    all over the e. b0y at $50 with boxes and calendars. Someone's got 'em for $20...
  6. J

    finally made a MFing conversion!

    @blackstone u are right-- i gotta start expanding. both vertically and into other hustles like seo, ppc and linkwheels. i just registered and started making moves the other day, so to see som palpable results is promising.
  7. J

    finally made a MFing conversion!

    haha @crooker thats why i said 'dont ban me b4 payday' until the checks clear u never know....but that goes with all facets of life...
  8. J

    finally made a MFing conversion!

    ive been at this for a day and a half and kinda working hard at it... i just saw my account reading plus 40 bucks for the 1st time! i feel like a man. (lol) amend that +80! hope they dont ban me before payday
  9. J

    HaRRo Is No Longer Sexy

  10. J

    is it weird that i want to do BH stuff

    in order to raise funds for a couple WH bizness ideas? has anyone else started some 'more legit' ventures with tricky stuff? :D
  11. J

    Happy Birthday HaRRo

    happy birthday mate! just took the plunge and registered---last night i LOVED yr advice to turn the comp. off and have a drink--- i did in your honor :) :)
  12. J

    Where to park your $$$ as a n00b?

    @lex haha! cool. i just figured some sort of intermediary was a must. @clopper right on, i just figured the cost of a wire would be prohibitive as a mass payment method for affiliate accounts. i have much to learn.
  13. J

    Where to park your $$$ as a n00b?

    ads-nse payments and commissions from IM can be 'directly deposited' into a netspend account? if so i did not know that.
  14. J

    Where to park your $$$ as a n00b?

    OK, so I have some ideas for blog/page/ads*nse stuff as well as a couple ideas for making some commissions as an internet marketing affiliate. Before I start building pages and link wheels etc. i want to get a good online banking system set up as a landing spot for my earnings. There has to...
  15. J

    BlackHat Success: Never give up!

    feeling this.
  16. J

    Where do you live?:)

    USA, Georgia
  17. J

    hello gentlemen. here for knowledge and $$!

    Discovered the forum after looking up some CL and EBay ideas i had...turns out some of you guys are already doing them :) Used to sell tons of products on EBay for a few years until i got banned...looking to get back into the game...
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