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  1. vineet18

    Along with SEO, what else can we do to scale lead gen. for SaaS

    Our company wants to 6x lead for our customer support product. Currently, we are primarily getting leads from: 1. Organic SEO 2. Few leads from: Capterra, Paid spots in listicles on page 1. What do you suggest to scale the lead gen.?
  2. vineet18

    Do bloggers make money from articles like "how to start a blog", even when their articles dont rank?

    I see most of the famous bloggers also find it difficult to rank competitive articles like "How to start a blog", and many other such topics. Do you think they make money via affiliate links in such articles? As they must be sharing these articles with newbies who are looking for information...
  3. vineet18

    Case Study: Does redirects still pass link-juice in Google? 23 aged domains 301 Redirected to one website

    I am not a big fan of using 301 redirects to gain traction in SERPs but the case study that you have presented where you have not yet got the results - this doesn't prove that 301 redirect doesn't work. People are employing varying strategies when it comes to buying an expired domain 301 them...
  4. vineet18

    The 1st link in the article should link to the most important page on site? Does that work?

    When publishing articles do you try to keep the 1st link in the article as a link to the most important page on your site?
  5. vineet18

    A Query related to Hub & Spoke Model - for a Website on WordPress

    For a WordPress website, would you like to keep the Hub/Pillar page as a "Page" or a "Post"? And, Spoke/Supporting pages would be "Pages" or "Posts"? For a new WP site, I thought to keep the Hub/Pillar page as "Page" & Spoke/Support pages as "Posts". What do you suggest?
  6. vineet18

    Before using a plugin can I know if this plugin can slow down my blog?

    yes, its simple enough but i thought if there is any other way to test...
  7. vineet18

    Before using a plugin can I know if this plugin can slow down my blog?

    We come across various useful plugins from time to time. But... Page speed is very important. So is there any way to know if a given plugin wont slow down my blog?
  8. vineet18

    [GUIDE] Basic WP OnSite advice or how to increase my Organic traffic easily

    Those are the basic yet important implementations one should follow! Thanks for reminding.
  9. vineet18

    What to do with the pages showing under "Page with redirect" section in Search Console?

    In Search Console under the section "Page with redirect", I see many Category pages like: are redirecting to the respective Category page ( What could be the reason? What should I do?
  10. vineet18

    How do you decide which FAQ questions to add in a blog post?

    When writing a blog, how do you decide which FAQ questions you should be adding to the blog that will/can help in creating a better context for that Topic(Primary Keyword we are targeting in the article), and can/may help in ranking the blog on main+few other keywords.
  11. vineet18

    In an affiliate site, will you link top 4-5 blog from Menu?

    Is it safe to link 4-5 most imp. posts from menu bar? Where the menu bar is otherwise having Categories in it.
  12. vineet18

    When a site is hit by a Google update, how do you find the reason for the hit?

    What all analysis do you conduct?
  13. vineet18

    [Guide] How to use a silo structure on affiliate sites in 2019

    That is awesome! Few questions... 1. Would you suggest to remove "category" from the URL? 2. Would you link to Top 4-5 articles on the site from Menu bar?
  14. vineet18

    Building A 7 FIGURE Authority Amazon Affiliate Site [$1,000,000+]

    That's great! I will appreciate if you can answer few questions: 1. Did the expired domain from the same niche on which you have the affiliate site now? Can you share some tips to find niche relevant expired domains with some good backlinks? 2. Did you have 50K content already written with...
  15. vineet18

    Can I get Download Free Instagram Post Templates from Anywhere?

    I want to start posting some engaging Instagram posts. I am looking for a Template for Instagram Posts that I can edit & use. Any website from there I can get this? Thanks in advance!
  16. vineet18

    [Guide] Making the most of internal link building

    I read a study by MOZ where they referred to the link in the body as the 1st link. Also, I am wondering do we really lose all the value of the internal links if our nav bar is ********?
  17. vineet18

    Another Ahrefs Trick You Didn't Know About

    Thanks for sharing this trick. These tricks work well when we put a seed keyword in such tools but when we get into the real world of doing the keyword research, it gets difficult to find relevant low-comp. keywords. For example: If you put "customer support" as a keyword then you'll not...
  18. vineet18

    Hey there! Vineet this side

    Hello Everyone, Vineet this side! I am having over 8 years of experience in SEO and Digital Marketing. Currently working as a Digital Marketing Team Lead with a SaaS. Looking forward to connect & know the fellow SEO peeps :)
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