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  1. MatthewWoodward

    [Method] How To Check If Search Engine Evaluators Have Visited Your Site

    Yes I looked at hundreds of sites to find handfuls of examples Thanks! Yes I have that side covered in the filter :) So what are you guys finding? All the "white hats" are having a melt down!
  2. MatthewWoodward

    [Method] How To Check If Search Engine Evaluators Have Visited Your Site

    You should read the full piece at which explains what search engine evaluators are exactly. Yes but that is a complex solution that is not neccessary although ironically is how I found the referrals PLEASE let me know...
  3. MatthewWoodward

    [Method] How to get backlink from Wikipedia?

    Heres some additional tweaks/steps to maximize impact. First use this tool to find the opportunituies its way easier Then find the dead link and make a note of the URL (we will use it later) Get your link place on Wikipedia Now the secret sauce...
  4. MatthewWoodward

    [Method] How To Check If Search Engine Evaluators Have Visited Your Site

    No worrys :) We don't know yet Well maybe that's why I can't find any examples from 2019 - the latest example I've seen is October 2018 Hopefully to intelligent conversation and not the swosh on Twitter
  5. MatthewWoodward

    [Method] How To Check If Search Engine Evaluators Have Visited Your Site

    Hey, Here's a quick tip that will allow you to check if Google's search engine evaluators have visited your site. In summary: Create a new custom Google analytics segment that looks like this: Then set the date range to the last 10 years and check if you have ever had a visit. if you have...
  6. MatthewWoodward

    Matthew Woodward, Liar, Pretender, Gurutard and Ginger

    Haters are going to hate no matter what I do :) A bigger car wouldn't work here because of the road conditions - we don't have the luxury of tarmac or even dirt roads a lot of the time, often it's steep rocky muddy trails so I bought based on ground clearance, approach angle and departure...
  7. MatthewWoodward

    Matthew Woodward, Liar, Pretender, Gurutard and Ginger

    I am not sure of the point of your question but I'll entertain it anyway. Please see Which car I drive depends on what I am doing that day. But sometimes I take my little boat- Video taken from...
  8. MatthewWoodward

    Matthew Woodward, Liar, Pretender, Gurutard and Ginger

    And here is the breakdown of sales by product. I have blurred out the names of the upsells and downsells. You can also see how many people took the payment plans which were introduced on the final day of sales (and I will not be offering again because most of them failed their 2nd/3rd...
  9. MatthewWoodward

    Matthew Woodward, Liar, Pretender, Gurutard and Ginger

    Your post fails to take into account 3 critical points- 1) The upsells that were priced at $497 and $597 respectively 2) The downsells that were priced at $297 and $397 respectively 3) The split testing of those funnels Here is a screenshot of the performance of each of the 3 funnels I tested-...
  10. MatthewWoodward

    The 3 New Major Google Ranking Factors You Don’t Know About Yet

    Not tried bounce rate in isolation but I have tested CTR from serps which plays a huge role.
  11. MatthewWoodward

    FLOOD Your Site With Targeted TRAFFIC. FREE Reviews!

    Thanks I have signed up :)
  12. MatthewWoodward

    How I Built A Top 100 Blog In 12 Months & How You Can Do It Too! (THANKS BHW)

    Thanks for your kind words guys - any questions feel free to ask or catch me in person at ungagged/bhw london. No sorry Check out the latest updates
  13. MatthewWoodward

    Bing SEO & Ranking Factors - The 'Big Bing' Is The Biggest Opportunity In SEO Today

    So a few months on after the change its interesting to see how the data looks now. For more traffic from Yahoo has trippled since the announcement vs the months prior- Not bad for doing nothing on my end - who doesn't like extra free traffic!
  14. MatthewWoodward

    SEO Experiments

    Hi, 1) blog networks/tiered linking 2) sometimes a long time, sometimes not - depends if you get snitched 3) redirect to competitor?
  15. MatthewWoodward

    How To Use IFTTT To Save Time, Money & Automate

    Thanks guys - you can also check out which connects with some things IFTTT doesn't if you get stuck!
  16. MatthewWoodward

    Long Tail Pro or Market Sam (to check keyword competition) ?

    I have always stuck with MS for this kind of stuff, I find LTP more difficult to work with but that could just be me stuck in my ways :)
  17. MatthewWoodward

    Best way to get all competitors backlink

    Everything you need to know -
  18. MatthewWoodward

    recommend me an email signup wordpress plugin

    I use OptinMonster its an absolute gem of a plugin allround for all your capture needs, split testing feature along is worth its weight in Gold.
  19. MatthewWoodward

    voting bot required - simple - no proxy

    I would suggest you pickup a copy of ubot (they have a sale on I think) and learn to use it, will take you an hour to do learn how to make soemthing like that and then the world is your oyster, if you like oysters.
  20. MatthewWoodward

    How Can I Do This Simple MYSQL Search/Replace?

    That is the nail on the head thank you. I have modified it into 2 separate find/replace statements to match the 2 types of URL below but also remove any extra space- <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"...
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